Group B Strep

Anyone have a LO with Group B Strep? My FT son is in the NICU receiving antibiotics for GBS. I know he's not a preemie but this site has always been so helpful when it comes to my 2yr old(26 weeker). I was so excited to make it FT, I never expected to have another NICU baby. They are hoping to discharge him on Monday.

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My son had GBS. I had a short cervix and passed it along to him, he was born at 32 weeks due to the infection. Do you have a specific question about it? There is surprisingly not much info about this... i had never heard of it before i had him!

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My son was born at 24 weeks (also due to an infection) and had it as well. He also received antibiotics for it.

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Thank you both for responding!!! When my dd was born @26 weeks, my husband and I made sure to educate ourselves as much as possible. Jakeysmama as you mentioned there really isn't much info on GBS and what I do find is pretty repetitive. The NICU my son is in is nothing like the one my dd was in, they just aren't very informative. My main questions are: Can GBS return? Is this something that we'll always need to worry about? Is this something that can affect development?

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Yeah the NICU jacob was in wasn't the best on giving information but i would ask over and over again until i found someone to answer me. As far as i know it shouldn't return... I know there is early onset which you know right away and late onset which could take a while after birth but if you already know he has early onset. In my case I was in the hospital for three months with an incompetent cervix, so i was open. The GBS actually go into my placenta causing me and jacob to have GBS... at the time of birth jacob had not moved all day and had a heart rate of 190 so i had an emergency c section. I also was infected so i had fever . They call it chorioamnionitis. When the mother has a fever at birth or the baby has an infection they are at risk for some developmental delays. Also jacob was not breathing at birth due to the infection and was on the vent for 24 hours. Not breathing can obviously cause issues later... jakey was revived with in a minute so that is a good thing. The vent can cause damage to their lungs but that is really when they are on it for a extended period of time. When jacob was born i could not see him for 48 hours because we were both infected and i had a high fever, So i couldn't tell you exactly what happened. When i did see him he was on the cpap to help with his breathing. He was also on IV antibiotics and fluids. He remained on the antibiotics for ten days. Honestly after a few days he showed no signs of having an infection or being sick. He was two months early and complications of prematurity but they were not necessarily linked to the GBS. Like i said the NICU wasnt the best at information but his pediatrician has never seemed concerned about the GBS coming back but maybe when you take your son the the ped you can ask him/her. I had a lot of my NICU questions answered later by my ped. Jacob is almost 8 months old, he doesnt seem to be behind at all. Infact in a lot of ways he is ahead.

try this link - pdf

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