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My moms group wants to do an online fundraiser/auction for my family.....I know, how incredible are they!!!!!!!! Because Thurston is taking his sweeeeeeeet time in the nicu and the doctors think it is possible he could be there until his first birthday(GULP)my friends want to help me be able to pay for all of the things that you ladies know all too well that add up especially when you are in the nicu that long(gas money, pump rental,bags) and mostly for childcare that I need to put my daughter in preschool so I can be with Thurston more, as he is now 3 months adjusted and could be almost 9 months adjusted by the time he gets out of the nicu.
Do any of you know a good site where we can hold the auction. Most of the sites my friend found charge a 10 percent fee which would take a chunk out of the proceeds but not sure if you knew of any specific preemie web sites that would support an online auction/ paypal account? Thank you so much!!

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I don't know of any sites. I just wanted to say that I am glad that you have friends willing to do this for you. I hope it is very successful!!

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Your bank may be able to help. They could open an account for the proceeds. You may still have to pay the paypal/google fee but it should be less than 10 percent. The could create a facebook page for outreach and that would keep your costs down.
I hope it works!

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I do not know of any sittes. My mom's friend did this for us and they used Blogger they set up a site for the foundraiser part and added it to all the blogs that where doing it. The money went into paypal. I was the only one who access to the account and would send an updated spreadsheet to the lady who did the drawing of the names of who bought tickets and how many the purchased. Email me if you or your mom needs any aditonal helpd.

That is so great and it is a such a big help. I used my mom to help with staying home with Bella when she came home.

Do you get SSI? There is a gas reimbursement program that will give you gas money for your trips to the NICU as well.

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