Elecare... Grrrr!!!!

Okay, so it's been roughly 3 weeks since we made the switch from Neosure to Elecare and Noah is doing worse than he was before.
He now is not just spitting up but vomiting with almost every feed. He looks generally uncomfortable and forget about tummy time/learning to sit up now. It also looks like his reflux is stronger than ever before too. And did I mention that he's starting to outright refuse his bottle now?
We tried Elecare unflavored and then switched to the Vanilla flavored and while it helped a little with the flavor aspect the other things are still happening.
I'm thinking of trying BufferBabies to ease the reflux side but I'm just really concerned about this trend. It can't be normal for a baby to spit up/vomit everything he/she just ate.
The GI clinic is so unhelpful and insists that as long as he keeps gaining weight that this is ok. I refuse to believe it is. I can just see him start to fall behind in his gross motor skills because he can't stand to be in the positions that he needs to be in to learn to sit and crawl. He's 9 actual/6.5 adjusted and no where near where he needs to be in terms of sitting up and holding himself up on his arms during tummy time. And this isn't even considering the oral aversions that may come with his fear of vomiting as a result of eating. I just want to cry.
He went from eating 3.5 oz every 2 hours to barely being able to finish 2 oz every 2 hours. And he's still gaining about 1/2 oz a day. Am I crazy for wanting to put him back on Neosure to see how he does? I gave him a bottle this last feed and he's acting like a different baby already and there was no fighting this bottle. Could there be any long-term damage to having him drink the Neosure for a couple more months? He was on it for 5.5 months with no signs of allergy whatsoever. The only reason why we did was because GI did the labs to see if we could fast-track his catch up growth. Yes, he did occasionally spit up, to the point where it came out of his nose but that was only once a month. They checked his stool for blood before the labs and it was negative. He's had no rashes or anything that would indicate a true milk allergy. I'm so confused. What should I do?

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My lil man is on elecare. As an amino acid based formula it is one of the most hypo formulas you can get, along w/ neocate. No intact proteins. Sugars broken down. Although I understand it has a form of corn in it?

Do you think he is vomiting bcuz of the elecare or bcuz of the TASTE of the elecare? It is quite vile & for kiddos already used to something else or on solids that can be tricky. (Sams goes in his ng tube so he only tastes when refluxing...humor me)

I recall a post awhile back where you said ds was allergic to milk? But he was tolerating neosure? Just clarifying. I thought neosure could be used whole first yr unless wt gain to rapid?? So I guess if tolerating neosure I would switch back. Esp b4 he rejects formula entirely.

Or if there is milk allergy why elecare? Why not soy? The flavor might be more readily accepted.

Just my thoughts...I could be wrong on the neosure (recall friend used for whole year). But may be worth a try.

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I would switch back. Adam was on elecare and he hated it the first week on it but then just accepted it. However he wasn't even term yet so he didn't know better to fight against the taste. If your son was tolerating the other formula and you have the tests to prove it switch back.

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