Diet for under-weight Preemies

hello, m a mom of a 30-weeker preemie mom who is now 20 months old. her birth weight was 1 kg only, she was 6.5 kg few months back. All i wanna say z dat she has started gaining weight with my lotssss of experiments/suggestions/recommendation/surfing...
i want to share few tips for under-weight babies, i hope it will help....

1. As appetizer, plz give them PAPAYA firstly twice a day, then after ew days once in a week. give it as much as a size of half apple. it z very good for digestion as well. i've found that instead of giving babies gripe water and other stuff like medicines, it z quite ideal to boost their appetite. it help a lot while having colic issues.

2. i started giving her Dry fruits/nuts when she was about 14 months old (12 months adjusted). i get mix nuts in powder form and i add this powder in any of her food. mostly i add it in yogurt as she like it too much. i add half tea spoon of this nut powder in her food once in a day.

3. i had read somewhere that adding oil to baby food helps her to gain weight. i add either coconut/walnut/almond/olive or sunflower oil as i keep on changing (just because i start feeling that excess of anything is bad, then later switch to any other type of oil). as she doesn't eat cooked things mostly so it z quite a good idea to put a table spoon of any oil in her food which, u r sure, she could definitely finish. i add 1 tbs of oil in her milk mostly. also, i must mention here, iff u give baby olive oil it helps relief constipation, a common issue of babies.

4. my dietitian had strongly advised me to give my daughter one table spoon of peanut butter to my girl. firstly, i tried to give her with spoon. of course, she didn't like it and refused to eat. afterwards, upon one of my friend's advice, i started adding one table spoon of peanut butter in Banana shake, which i give her daily at night time. she like it in banana shake i feel, i also add 2 drops of honey in this shake.

5. as my daughter is a very tall and skinny girl & definitely needs fats, my pediatrician had advised me to give her cream cheese. i am giving her cream cheese with spoon, sometimes i give her solid cream cheese as a finger food, but just to make sure she has eaten dat, i prefer to give it with spoon. i give her one teaspoon daily.

6. i always add 1 or 2 tablespoons of rice cerelac in her milk. every time i give her milk, i add rice cerelac.

7. in the morning, the very first thing i give her is date shake. just take water (as much as u require to make formula for her one time feed), then add 2 dates in it, blend it together, then add milk powder in it. she likes it. it gives her plenty of calories. this z her favorite breakfast.

8. i give her avocado every o2nd day, i mash half avocado with half apple or pear. this puree is delicious as well nutritious for babies.

9. sometimes i also make pastes of following thing to give her with spoon as she doesn't swallow whole things yet
^Boiled rice
^fruits like banana/apple/pear etc

i'm also trying to give her mutton soup being healthy indeed, she z not liking it but i hope she will start eating after few days.
i have been giving her one half boiled egg since she was 10 months old.

this are things i found good for my preemie girl, i don't take responsibility if these will suit ur baby or not...!
any inquiry, mail me at

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Thank you-my preemie is one the very skinny side but does not like to eat a variety of foods. I will try some of your suggestions-they sound tasty to me so hopefully I can convince her too!

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Your list sounds very good. I can add few things that our daughter has liked.

We give a tablespoon of fish oil each day. Our daughter likes the orange or lemon flavor.

Flax seed oil as well.

We love Applegate meats, without antibiotics or preservatives, bacon and salami.

You mention rice products, but there is new research on that.. you may want to talk with your doctor: tients_about_arsenic_and_rice.html

We like dried fruits for the convenience, but they do get costly to buy without sulfites: e

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Madyy--great ideas! I'll try some of these. I currently make sure my son eats half an avocado each and every day. It has helped with his weight. A great deal of that avocado can go into an 8oz smoothie made with whole fat yogurt and about 1/2-1/3 of mango. The rest I'll put in a spinach and cheese omelet, or mash and serve with turkey lasagna, or mash and use to coat tortellini, or mash with a banana, etc.

Florinas_Mom--Thank you so much for posting the study on rice!!! I purchased a case of Earth's Best Whole grain rice cereal for my son when he started solids after reading Ruth Yaron's SUPER BABY FOOD. The foundation of her super baby food diet is actually brown rice porridge. The book was highly recommended to me by the mother of 28-wk twins. My son never really took to the cereal and so most of it remains unopened. I was trying to use more of it when I read your post.

I know the report says that brown rice has more arsenic than white rice, but I was still astounded and appalled that Earth's Best infant rice cereal was so high in arsenic. It ranks among the highest arsenic-containing rices tested! The cover of the box says, "Grown Without Potentially Harmful Pesticides or Herbicides," and the product is "organic," so I mistakenly trusted that this was a safe produce. Based on the Consumer Reports, this was a wrong assumption. The report does not say where the rice for Earth's Best rice cereal is grown, but the arsenic levels in that rice are comparable to that in the brown rice grown in AR, LA, and TX. What a shame! I'm going to write to them to ask that they recall the product. The FDA is conducting a larger study on arsenic and rice and will release their consumer recommendations late this year.

Applegate meats are the best! The turkey bacon is tasty but very difficult for my little guy to eat when cooked to a crisp, but the Sunday bacon is much easier.

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Thank u all for ur tasty n healthy suggestion...:)

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