my daug has been on NICU for three months. we were told that we can be discharge last week, but all of a sudden she has two brady and desating. she was doing good for three weeks without oxygen. the doctor said it was just premie thing. but she is 39 weeks gestation already. she was born three days shy of 26 weeks. Her twins pass away. does anyone know if it's normal to have that problem?

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All NICU's are different so I thought I should ask first...are they going to send her home still anyway or is she going to have to wait another 2 weeks? Our daughter is a former 24 weeker, born June 12, 2006. She stayed in the hospital until her due date (October 1), was on O2 until February 14th and on an apnea monitor until March 14th. She also came home on caffine because she was still having bradys. When we came home, we averaged about one brady a day until December when they finally stopped. It is not completely abnormal...especially the more lung issues your little one had at the beginning (Kylie was also intubated for 6 weeks, 3 of which were on an high frequency oscilator). DOn't get too discouraged!! I know that some hospitals won't discharge if they are having these issues. HOwever, I know in Kylie's case, they trained us on how to us the equipment and she had been there for SO long, they decided it was better for her to be HOME. Good luck!!


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DId your little one happen to just get vaccinated? I am a mother of a 25 weeker who was on the vent for about three weeks and then gradually weened herself to nasal canula. Then they gave her the first round of vaccination, and for whatever reason, she had a bad reaction to them and had to go back on the vent. Not that this has happened to your little one. But I just thought maybe if she did she get her vaccinations it could be the reason for the step back. Good news is my little one was only on the vent for two days and was able to get back to where she was. Hope you get discharged soon.


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no they won't discharge her till she has no desat/brady.

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