Daughter shaking after naps

I'm the mommy of 20 month old twins( ex 26 weekers) We have been blessed w/ no issues- Just lately I noticed that when I wake my daughter up from her nap she wakes up and starts shaking and she doesn't seem to be aware of her surroundings. This has happened 3 times and 3 times it's been when I wake her up from her naps - It's got me real worried. Has anyone had this happen? I don't know what's normal or not these days. I don't know if I'm startling her or what but....... like I said it's been 3 times. Any advice?

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I have noticed it with my little guy (29 weeker, 10 months actual). It seems to be just for a few moments when he first wakes up but once he fully wakes up and gets a bearing for what is going on it seems to stop. I remember there being a discussion on here about it once before (if you want to try searching for it) but I think they all agreed that it was just that they woke up quick and were just a tad bit confused. I would keep an eye on it though if you are concerned and maybe call the ped just for piece of mind.

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Hi. My ex-25 weeker does the same thing--only after naps. After he wakes up a little he's fine. My full-term daughter did the same thing, so I haven't been concerned. Of course, you might feel better if you mention it to your ped. Good luck!

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My son shakes a little if I have to wake him up from a nap. When he wakes on his own, he doesn't seem to do it. I feel bad having to wake him up (i.e, doc appt.) so, I only wake him when I have to. It tends to go away once he fully awakens. I don't notice it any other time so I'm guessing it's him being a startled.

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It happens to my son all the time too. But it doesn't last long. Just until he wakes up so think it's fine. I actually have an adult friend who complains about shaking when he is woken up, so I think it is a pretty common thing. When I get woken up, I feel disoriented and confused. I think it's the same thing.

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I have twin daughters who were also born at 26 weeks. We are very blessed that they have not had any problems. They just turned 16 months. One of them shakes when she wakes up, but after a few minutes she seems fine. I have been concerned about it and plan to ask the doctor. We have appointments next week with the pediatrician and the neonatologist who follows their developmental progress. Both of my girls have great coordination and balance and otherwise appear to be on track. I am hoping it is just a preemie thing and that she will outgrow it.

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All my kids (including former 26 week id girl twins, now 25 mos) shake if I wake them or if they're startled awake. They're just disoriented and not quite fully awake. Even I am uncoordinated and confused if someone wakes me in the middle of sleep. I wouldn't worry unless it persists for awhile after waking.


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