Kayleigh had a fever Friday was low...around 100 and then the highest it got was 101. The next morning I brought her to the Dr, he listened to her lungs, said she looked fine and she didn't have a fever anymore. Since that day she's been coughing randomly...not constantly, just these little coughing fits...and mostly when she's sleeping. It sounds like the type of cough you'd get when you have a tickle in the back of your throat...ya know, you cough like 5 times in a row, your eyes tear and you kind of gag. She threw up yesterday after having a little coughing fit. I brought her back to the Dr yesterday (we had already made this check up, so I figured why not keep it since she had the fever)...again she looked and sounded fine. She's been acting totally normal, eating fine and hasn't had a fever since Friday night. But this cough is driving me crazy...what could be causing it!!?? Also sometimes at the end of the coughing fit she sneezes (and then laughs cause she thinks sneezing is hilarious :p lol) Could it be allergies possibly? Change in seasons? She has never been diagnosed with reflux...but maybe that could be causing it. I also heard teething can cause a cough because of the excess drool...but she's not drooling that much. Also wondering what could have caused the random one night fever??

Any thoughts?????

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Sounds like a little cold virus. Initial fever and then the cough at night. Post nasal drip can cause that type of cough at night. When you lay down the drainage can really bug the throat. You might not notice it during the day if it is just a minor drip. Glad you took her to get checked. I always did and still do more than most parents. If the cough changes or she has trouble breathing or the fever comes back definitely call the doctor again. Or if it persists. Symptoms of a cold usually last about 2 weeks.

I also have one who still pukes when he has a coughing fit (27 months). Actually my one (I have twins) that normally doesn't puke when coughing did so this weekend. He has a cold with a nasty cough.

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Crap, I hate I'm terrified it could be the first symptom of whooping cough!

Also forgot to mention she's 8 months actual, 5 adjusted

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It sounds like a cold. My LO has the same thing right now -- she is fine most of the day with a slight running nose but at night has several coughing fits. Her Ped said the same thing that it's probably just the post nasal drip at night (b/c her lungs sounded fine too). She had a slight fever this past weekend and we did end up in the ER with croup Friday night :( I had always heard what it sounded like so figured that was it but the 'barking' type sound when she woke up was so scary (and I had never heard it myself and it def does not sound like a regular cough so I am not suggesting this is what your LO has!). After hearing that noise I was so thankful it was croup and had nothing to do with her lungs. They gave her one steroid treatment and she was literally transformed in an hour. She still has the cold and cough that her ped said will just run it's course over a week or so...and obviously if it looks like she is having trouble breathing bring her back in.

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Hannah has been battling what you are describing for months now... She laughs and smiles after she coughs and I am ready to like dail 911 or something for fear she is going to cough/choke for real... She has been checking out fine at drs too... They say cold/virus... I say WHEN WILL IT END... no one has answers!

Hope Kay gets better ASAP... p.s. love that she laughs after she sneezes... :)

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Possible croup. The cough lingers a long time and eventually they just get better. Just went thru it. Could be an attention getter if it is a small cough cough smile giggle thing. So much for them to catch, it is mind boggling!

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Ugh, everytime she coughs I feel a year older lol

Now it's not so much when she's sleeping...she only did it once last night in her sleep (at least that I heard...but I sleep right next to her, so I'm sure it would have woken me). But now it's much more constant during the day...still acting pretty normal, but didn't want to finish her whole bottle at 9....ugh, possibly back to the doctor today I think....we've been there twice already in the past week!

I just feel so pissed...we made it through the entire winter without getting sick!! And now that the weather is getting wamers she's sick..?? It's not fair :( I don't take her anywhere besides the doctor's office

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video of her cough...does it strike you as anything serious???

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Does not sound croupy, but more like she's trying to catch her breathe. I bet it's a just a cold, but definitely keep your eyes out for labored breathing - when you literally see her chest cave in, trying to get air.
A croup cough is like a seal barking - very distinctive. In children under 2, it can be dangerous b/c the airway is too restricted to breathe at times. You will know it when you hear it.
Try to give her pediatlite if you can, and avoid dairy (to slow down mucous production). You may find just a day or two on pediatlite, some steamy bathroom visits (to help open her up.) The kind of cough you posted sounds like there's just a little post nasal drip, causing her to almost feel like she's gagging (hence any vomitting episodes.) My kids have had thousands of coughs, so I'm pretty well versed :)
If it does not improve or becomes deep or croupy or a fever begins, get her to the doctor. Take care.

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Sounds like a cold virus. But trust your mommy gut and take her back to the doctor or call them if you are not comfortable. For the not eating... she may just not feel good if it is a cold. Drainage can upset their tummy. But I'm not a doctor!!

My boys (27 months now) have had croup with stridor multiple times w/ trips to the ER. Trust me you grab the baby and take her when you hear croup w/ stridor. It sounds horrible. You almost want to call 911 it is so bad. One had it so much the doctor sent him for heart tests. She sounds almost like she is sneezing. She is adorable!!!

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Steam her in the bathroom several times a day. That always helps with my boys. We still do it whenever they puke from coughing.

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I will see how she eats er next bottle and if she doesn't I'm going to call and get her in...they are probably going to think I'm crazy since they already saw her twice this week and she was fine both times lol, but I don't care. Would I be able to tell if it becomes croup with stridor???

I didn't know babies could have pediatlite, thought it was only for toddlers...thanks, I'll look into it!

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When our kids got bad colds, we would do pedialite for a day or two - just to make sure they were hydrated and to stop the mucous flow. Our ped. was fine with it, but check with yours.
You will notice croup and stridor - barkinig cough and/or a wheezing sound with the chest moving in deeply.

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Yes. You will definitely be able to tell if it become croup w/ stridor.

We also did pedialite but check with the doctor first. Usually just a day or 2.

And never feel silly calling the doctor. That is what they are there for. Ours also had a very helpful website. A lot of pediatricans do now so you might ask or check. It has a section for symptoms... what you can do at home for treatment, when to call etc. It has definitely been helpful.

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