hi everyone i a mother of a 26 weeker he has been home for almost three months now and he is weighing 12.5 lbs im a little concerned because he has been coughing for the past two weeks and i have taken him to his peditrician and he said that his lungs are clear and theres no sign of anything bad but even after that visit he is still coughing i also took him to see his lung specialist about a week ago and she also said that his lungs sounded clear and still the coughing. a nurse came over friday to give him his shot and she listened to his lungs and again the same response..he seems to cough more when he is awake while he sleeps he does not cough i just want to know if anyones baby did the same they keep telling me its just a cough but it scares me any replies welcomed and thank you for reading

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Could your little one be teething? That's what is happening with our b/g twins. They are former 35 weekers who just turned 4 months old (3 months adjusted). Kate has been coughing for about a week and when I took her to the doctor, she said that it was the result of the excess saliva caused by the teething. Her lungs are also clear. I didn't expect them to be teething so soon (the teeth aren't likely to pop out for a few months, though) and didn't expect the cough to be associated with it. I was just glad to hear that it wasn't something serious! Is your little one chewing on his hands?

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yes he is he loves it almost as much as feeding:) i would never thought that it could be teething it was worrying me the fact that he keeps coughing yet everyone has said that he is ok. i feel much better now thank you feel free to write back whenever thank you and god bless you

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I'm the mom of two preemies. There's something about knowing your child has "lung issues" that makes a cough completely petrifying. I can't *tell* you how many times I've taken my children to the doctor for a cough...even coughs that sounded just awful to me...and been told their lungs were clear. For the most part, chronic lung disease is just a 3-word phrase in their medical charts. As far as I can tell, it hasn't made things much worse for them (I *know* this is absolutely not the case for some preemies, of course).

My kids can have a cough for months at a time and it never seems to be anything. The one time my son got severe croup in the middle of the night, he hadn't coughed at all beforehand!

I'm not sure if we're just extra sensitive as preemie moms (probably) or if other moms get freaked out about coughs too. It's hard to be calm when they're little and they've been on a ventilator for some amount of time.

So, hang in there. If they're all saying your son's lungs are clear, take comfort in that. Go back in if the cough seems to get worse. It can always "move" to his lungs, but I get the impression the majority of coughs (in all people) are about phlegm and stuff in your throat rather than anything in your chest.

My kids should have outgrown their CLD by now and coughs *still* bug me!

You're not crazy. You're just a good preemie mom : )

mom to Gavin (30wks, now 5) and Cassie (31.5wks, now 3)

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Is your baby taking any medication?? like ALbuterol, Combivent or Flovent???? For my 25 weeker preemie, she is never sick, only 2 times cold, and only one with fever (Thanks God), but her Pulmonology gave her Singular, she had to take that every day, and i think that is one the reason that she is never sick, she only used Combivent when she is coughing, and they gave her Flovent just int he winter for 1 month, just to prevent something.

I know how scary it could be a cough for 2 weeks, i will drive myself crazy, but if it something that it is not usual in your child you have the right to feel worried.

What i recomend is that you call the Pulmonologist again and try to write everytime the baby cough, like if is after eating, after getting up in the morning, after playing, things like that, you will be surprise with the response you will have.

Good luck and i hope your baby feels better.


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Hi, I'm the Mom of a 24 weeker (now 16mos) and she has allergies along with her buddy a 25 weeker (now 20 mos). They get the clear runny nose along with some post nasal drip which in turn makes them cough. They're trying to get that crap out of their throat. Our pulmonogist put them both on Clarinex and Nasaqort AQ. You should inquire. And it makes sense, the lungs are clear, but the cough is persistent. And right now allergies are really bad. Good Luck

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my 4 month olds teething she chokes on her slobber lol sounds like coughing. if it were a cold even while sleeping the *cough* would interferre but still keep an eye on your baby just tp be safe not all things can be dectected medically sometimes its just our natural instint to tell somethings wrong

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Hi, my son is a surviving twin and was also born at 26 weeks. He is now 1 year old today!!! He used to cough some too. It always worried me. I do not know your exact situation but when I would ask my doctors and nurses about it, they mentioned that with even a little reflux, it could cause Chase to cough. His lungs were always clear too. If your baby has reflux you should ask your doctor about it. It made sense to me because I would notice that when Chase spit up sometimes, he would be coughing during the day. And we all know how the throat feels when we have indidgestion.

Just wanted to let you know my thoughts what I've heard from the doctors and nurses. Definately keep asking.

Nowadays I think he also coughs to get attention, he's quite the ham!!!

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