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I am 24 weeks 2days pregnancy with my second child. I found out just over a week ago my ultrasound showed i have complete placenta previa. They said they usually dont see that this early in prenancy and since they did i have to go back april 2nd for another ultrasound. If it shows the placenta hasnt moved out of the way then i will be having a c-section but they never told me how early, i just know it wont be full term. The doctor doesnt think it will move and if it does it wont be much. So I am very worried about this and having a c-section. I had no problems with my first pregnancy and now she is 19 months old. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what the outcome has been. I just want to have a safe and healthy baby boy. Trying to put my mind at ease that we are going to be ok

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My daughter's second was also a complete previa and here case it ended up with a c-section at 26.5 weeks. I know that isn't what you want to hear, and I really comptemplated whether or not to even post for fear of scaring you.

Her situation was a little different in that the previa started abrupting at around 14 weeks, and continued to bleed all the way through, cord was in the wrong place and right over the abruption. It was when the bleeding got to a critical level that our lttle Ava had to be taken in order to save them both.

The good news is that my daughter had excellent care, she did spend 2.5 weeks in the hospital herself prior to delivery, but everyone is fine, and Ava is perfect with no problems.

There was one thing that I could share with you in case it happens to you, know to get it checked out. Several times my daughter would have odd sharp pains, somewhat crampy. It turned out that it was actually the placenta abrupting. It was just a tiny bit by tiny bit and it wasn't until weeks later that she actually delivered. It took a prenatologist to tell her that, other doctors had no idea what it was.

Your little guy is at that 24 week marker and that is a good place. Every day from here on out is good, and hopefully you will get way down the road. Don't be afraid to call your doctor or go to the hospital whenever your gut is telling you something isn't right.

I'll watch for you and hopefully everything will go smoothly. Rebecca

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I also has cpp. They saw it on my 17 week u/s. I had another a couple weeks later and it didnt move. My dr sent me to a perinatologist for further u/s throughout my pg. I had a small bleed at 18 weeks, 23 weeks, and one more would of put me in hospital for rest of pg. I had my regular appt in the hospital i would need to deliver at, 2 hours from home, as our hospital dont have the large blood bank to accomidatye a cpp. this was at 26 weeks and at u/s dr said he thought i should go ahead and be admitted. me and my husband were going to tell them i would go back home to get things worked out with other children and come back on Monday. All of a sudden I began to bleed again. That was it for me, they addmitted me.I had bleeding episodes every few days then with clots as big as goose eggs. It was so frustrating. Finally at 28 4/7 I bled a good one and they rushed my into surgery room and gave me 2 nits of blood. The bleeding stopped. I was took back to my room and I had my husband get up there as I felt it was gonna be soon, cuz it just kept getting to be more bleeds and bigger ones. That night I passed 2 softball sized clots and they took me to or again said it was time to get her out. As I was being moved from one bed to the or table Blood started gushing, it became an emergency. They put me out and when I woke my beautiful baby was born and in the nicu doing well. I was given another 3 units of blood during surgery but it went well they said. my baby stayed in NICU for 57 days only and has been home now for 3 weeks.
My story is pretty typical but there is also alot of people that have cpp who have no problems, just regular c section at around 36 weeks. Also there is still a chance your can move, some dont move until the last trimester. Keep faith and just make sure you listen to dr. Best wishes to you and hope to hear a great outcome for you during your pg.

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