Carnation Instant Breakfast -vs- Pediasure

My son is on Pediasure for weight gain. I was told by his pediatrician and GI doctor that I could mix Carnation Instant Breakfast with his formula and it will do the same thing as Pediasure or better and cheaper.


How much Carnation Instant Breakfast do I mix with a 4oz bottle? I was told that 3 tsp will equal about 32 cal, does this sound about right?

Thanks in advance.

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You can always call Nestle and ask the calories per tsp or tbsp but I figured there are 5 tablespoons in a whole packet. each packet of powder is 130 cal so each tbsp is 26.
hope this helps!

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Our daughter's dietician recommended the same thing for weight gain - she got 1 packet with 8 oz. of whole milk plus 1 T. formula thrown in (she was 15 months and had previously been drinking just whole milk in her bottles). So... 4 oz. would be 1/2 a packet. But if you're counting calories down to the single digits, then I'd suggest you just measure out a packet and divide the total number of calories of a dry packet (i.e. if you quarter it up, that would be 32.5 calories of dry powder)

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p.s. for a quicker reply - YES, what you said is exactly right, 32 cal. per 3 tsp. IF each packet is 12 tsp.

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I use half a packet per 4 oz of whole milk for my 13 mos old. He also drinks pediasure as an alternate when we travel.

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Can someone post a photo of the Carnation Instant Breakfast? I will have to search for it here in my country.

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According to the FAQ on the Carnation Instant Breakfast website, here is how much you should use based on age:
6. Can toddlers/children use CARNATION® INSTANT BREAKFAST®?
CARNATION® INSTANT BREAKFAST® is a creamy, delicious drink providing balanced nutrition. For children under two years of age, we suggest providing half the labeled serving size (½ packet powder mixed with ½ cup of milk, or ½ bottle of Ready-To-Drink). Each great-tasting drink contains 21 essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, which is especially important during the growing years to help build strong bones.

The main website is: http://

If you are looking for the FAQ, go to Products at the top and the FAQ is a drop down.

gMom & ECer

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