Carnation Instant Breakfast as Pediasure

I was told to start Pediasure or Carnation Instant Breakfast (the poor man's Pediasure) with my former 26 weeker who is 1 year actual (8 1/2 months adjusted). The only thing is I wasn't given an actual recipe to make the drink 30 calories an ounce. Can someone help me with a recipe? Also, I want to add the powder to my breast milk- does anyone know the recipe to turn 20 calories an ounce breast milk into 30 calories an oz with Carnation? And finally, where do you buy Carnation in the canister instead of just the little packets?


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I was also told by my pediatrician to give my daughter Instant Breakfast once she turned one (actual). He said to mix it with the whole cow's milk. I just followed the instructions on the packet. I gave it to her at meals, but continued to nurse her until 18 mo. I have not seen the vanilla flavor in the canister, you could try on-line. She didn't really like it until she was about 20 mo. and even now (30mo.) given the choice, she would rather have plain milk.

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My daughter likes Pediasure, but for some reason the Carnation almost makes her milk to thick for her.

They sell the Carnation in the canister at our Winco's. I'm not sure where you're located and what stores you have in your area though.... I can only find chocolate though.

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I have seen CIB do wonders for my former preemie!!
When he started losing weight after his 2nd b/day (he was already skinny to begin with) we were told to get Pediasure. I live in Greece and the 200ml ready to drink box was $7 per piece!!!
So a friend from the US is buying and sending me CIB Vanilla in packets.
I just follow the instructions on the package too, but my son is on a thick GF formula so to avoid making it too thick I use 1 measuring spoon less than I normally would when I add the CIB.

He was no problem drinking it and he was gained 7lbs since February while on it. I have also seen improvements in his immune system (the CIB is full in nutrients/vitamins).

I think my friend gets it from a big Depot where they sell big packages. I don't remember the name but I am sure it was one of the well known ones in the US.

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My daughter is on CIB - the recpie is 1/2 a packet of the CIB to 8 oz of milk. I measured the packet it has about 4 of the Similac/Enfamil scoops in it. So, 2 scoops to 8 oz of whole milk makes it 30 cal.

Initially I saved the formula cans once empty, I opened up the individual packets and stored them there - it was easier to work with.

Later I found that Target has the canisters (only chocolate though). You can get a $2 coupon from the CIB site. Hope this helps.

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My son initally did well on CIB. We also followed the directions on the packets and it was very high in calories. I bought it direct from Carnation and that kept the cost down. The choc. one is sold at our Costco but not the vanilla. Good luck! Amanda

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