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your baby will have to pass a carseat challenge before leaving the nicu. so you will know then if there is gonna be a problem

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It is called Angel Ride Infant Car Seat. You can find it at

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Joshua came home on oxygen, but passed the car seat test and we didn't need any special car seat. We had an insert head roll for preemies that kept his head relatively snug and that worked for awhile. We used a Graco SafeSeat. He is still in it but almost ready for a forward facing seat! Check with your NICU as to what your baby might need to come home.

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Emma came home in a regular car seat at 5 pounds. We had bought the extra head support for preemies but our NICU nurses warned us against that. They said if you installed those or attached it to the car seat that you voided the car seat warranty. What they did was roll the baby t-shirts into tiny rolls and place them between the head support that came with the car seat and the car seat itself. The car seat challenge test will be performed before you go home as one of your last steps.

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our DD was released to us in a "carbed" its a seat that lays down flat.
its issued to us/you from the hosp usually. i dotn think you can buy them. after baby gains some weight and can sit up a little better, they will let you know when you can go to a regular car seat.
they make pads that insert in reg car seats for preemies that quite dont fit.
its kiss me joey- (i think) ... is what we used. and never had a problem.
good luck

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Brayden came home in a Graco Snugride carseat w/a preemie head pad along with a hospital blanket rolled up on one side for a snugger fit for his head. They had added the blanket during his car seat challenge and it stayed there for several weeks after coming home.

He is now almost 11 lbs and I'm about to remove the preemie head pad (he's got a big head). I did not know about the possible warranty issue by adding those pads, so I will be looking into that for sure!

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My boys came home in regular car seats. Most hospitals won't let you use the head supports you can buy seperately. In a crash they can jerk the baby's head forward causing serious injury. Rather, you can use rolled towels/balnkets around the head. Also, a rag at the crotch may be neccesary to keep the baby from sliding down. As others said, the hospital will let you know if you need a car bed. I didn't see anyone at the NICU where my boys were need a car bed. One baby didn't pass the car seat test and she didn't go home until she did. (She was a term baby flown there due to respiratory distress.)
Something you should know: keep your baby rear facing until a year adjusted age. I have a great pamphlet on preemies and car seats. It says you need to do this so that the neck muscles have time to strengthen. This lessens the chance of a spinal cord injury in a crash. Of course, it is always best to leave your child rear facing until the child gets to the upper limit of height or weight for the car seat rear facing.

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My DD came home under the 5 pound mark. Therefore we were advised she would need to have a "Preemie" carseat. I love the one we have. I got it at Babies R US. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat - Extreme

It is lighter weight then the Graico one we had with our First Daughter.
Good Luck!

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My sister is a child car seat safety technician and this is the advice she gave us when Mia came home.

Mia was 4 lbs, 4 oz. when she came home. She passed the car seat test, but the car seat we had was rated at 5 lbs. So, we decided to use a car bed. Our hospital rented them for $20 but my mom was able to find a brand new one on e-Bay for $10 (sealed in the box) so we used that until she was almost 8 pounds. We kept her in it because she was so short that the straps on the car seat did not fit her properly. But, when she did move to an infant seat, we used the Graco SnugRide and loved it! We just turned her around in a forward facing convertible car seat about 2 weeks ago (she's 24.8 pounds at 19 1/2 months actual but we wanted to wait until she had better muscle control). I agree that no one should ever use any pads or supports that do not come with the seat when it's purchased (some states are looking into banning the sale of the supports that can be purchased seperately). This will not only void the warranty, but can, and has, caused serious injury or death in children (the mechanisms of the car seat are made to work in tandem with no interference from extra pads, supports, etc. Anything that is added can allow the straps to loosen, ejecting a child in the event of a crash or even a low-speed collision. Children can then become easily unsecured from their seats and tumble around inside a car). Rolled up towels, washrags, t-shirts all work fine and are the only thing recommended by experts in the case of added support. Be sure to try any car seat in your car before purchasing it (most stores will let you take the floor model if you leave your driver's license). When installed, make sure the car seat does not move more than an inch in either direction at the point of contact between the car seat and the seat belt. Make sure the straps around the baby are tight enough to slip a finger under, but not so loose that you can pinch the strap. The buckle that goes across the chest must be placed across the nipples at the same level as the armpits. I know that it may seem that the straps are tight, but that is the point. I was concerned about that fact with my first daughter, but the car seat doesn't do any good unless the child is properly restrained. And, both my girls have never complained about the straps being too tight--they're used to it. You can be sure that a child fits properly by carefully following the manufacturer's instructions (all manufacturers must, by law, hold to the exact same safetly standards) EVERY time you put your child in the car. Fit has more to do with height and weight than anything else.

I know this is more inormation than you were looking for but I am passionate about child car seat safety. My sister has told me of too many stories of children being seriously injured or killed because they were not properly restrained. It's a tragedy that it happens because it is completey preventable.

If you're still not sure, talk with the hospital, go to your local police department or contact your local department of children and family services for help.


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We were able to find a preemie car seat. We got a "Combi custom preemie infant seat" and it had the custom preemie pad inserts. Even thought it's a "custom" don't be afraid, It wasn't that expensive.

It was rated from 0 - 18 LBs and the straps were adjustable so we were able to make sure that Mak was snugly strapped in. Even though he was so tiny.
Also it had a 5 point harness and you could also use the shoulder straps of the car seatbelts to further anchor the baby down. It had a base with car seat anchors too.

When I took the car to the fire department to have it installed the fireman said
"Nice car seat! I wish all the infant seats were this quality."
And that really made me feel secure, since he would be "in the know" so to speak.

Our local fire departments require firefighters to go through special training to learn how to properly inspect and install all types of car seats. They then provide car seat installation and safety checks for free as a community service,
You should check with your local fire departments, as they may have the same program.

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HI. We used the Graco Snugride when our twins came home. We used the preemie headrest for them for about a month. The one seat you do not want to start with is a convertible car seat. They aren't made great for small babies in the rear facing direction. Go with a preemie or infant seat.
The twins are now 18 mo real age and weigh 23 lbs and 17 lbs. We have not turned my son around even though he meets the requirements. We are using a convertible seat that accomodates children up to 36 in rear facing. On youtube you can find video showing the benefits of extended rear facing car seats.

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I am looking to buy a used Angel Guard Angel Ride car bed. It needs to be model AA2403FOF and manufactured after 9/25/2007. Does anyone out there have one that you no longer need?

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