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My daughter was born at 23+6. Within 24 hrs I was told she had bilateral level 2 brain bleeds. The follow up tests at 72 hours and 7 days showed they were about the same size. We just did her 4 week tests and the dr said they were "more prominent" but still within range for level 2. How long did it take others to heal? She's having another test in 3 weeks. That seems so long from now. I'm just wondering if its normal for them to stay the same for a while but then be bigger at 4 weeks? I'm nervous they are growing and feel helpless since there is nothing we can do to stop them.

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My son was born at 30 weeks and Had a grade 3 bleed on both sides of his brain he developed hydro from the bleed ..he had to have 9 lumbar punctures to drain fluid thanfully he went home without a shunt .. He just had his 1st birthday and you would never even know he went through so much . he is hitting all his milestones for his ajusted age of 1o months .. I was a basket case when this happend but i found that babys are so rezilant stay strong your Baby will amaze you :)

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Since hemorrhage is a "bleeding" and in your son's case in the brain it will change over time as its "resolving". They often re-check for any new bleeding. The fact that it has stayed Grade 2 is good. Its not uncommon for any hemorrhage to change appearance on ultrasound over time. (I'm an ultrasound tech. and have done my fair share of preemie cranial ultrasounds). Hope that helps a little.

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My impression is that absorption rates can be variable. Our son had a very small bleed but in a particular bad location, the cerebellum. The bleed was on the ultrasounds for a couple weeks straight. Because there wasn't major change over the first couple weeks, they spaced the follow ups after that. I believe (it's been awhile) that his bleed was no longer detectable after 6 weeks.

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