my twin boys have bleeding to the brain grade 2 and my other son has a grade going crazy i dnt know wat to do the doctor in the Nicu says zahier with the grade 4 mite not make it but i dont listen to him because i have hope and faith!

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My son had a Grade 4 bleed as well, we were told all the worst possible outcomes and even told it would be best to remove him from life support and let him pass away peacefully. We refused. Our son is now 15.5 months corrected and doing just fine. He reached all his milestones within the normal range, he knows some colours/shapes, he knows 5-7 words, he loves to be read too, he can sign, he is bright and has amazing problem solving skills.

Our outcome is more rare with this type of grade of bleed, but it's not uncommon either.

There are plenty of preemies on this awesome forum that have very similar outcomes.

I think the hardest thing is when faced with this news, is there is no way to predict what your child's future will be. So it's very nerve wracking. But you have to stay strong, and take each day at a time.

Good luck and congrats on the birth of your twins!

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2 of mine had grade 4s. we too were told my boy probably wouldn't make it and if he did it wouldn't be good. he and his sister are doing great (delayed but great) today :]

don't lose hope!
(Brody and Kylee had the bleeds)

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Our daughter has a bilateral grade 4. We were told by her neurologist that while she had a 4, it was not a horrible 4 (for whatever that means). She is currently 17.5 mos, 13 adjusted, and has just started walking. She is on par for her adjusted age in gross motor skills but behind in language and fine motor skills. We believe she will catch up eventually but really aren't bothered if she doesn't. She smiles, laughs, is happy and healthy. Go with your gut. We were never asked to make a decision like the one you are being asked to make and are greatful for that. You have to live with the decision, not your doctor. Listen to your heart.

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Not good news but not the end of hope either. Hang in there. We have identical twins - 25 weeks gestation weighing just over a pound each. One had a grade 3 IVH. Prediction was for development delay issues, Cerebral Palsy, mental retardation, etc.... Today child is a health 3 1/2 year old with no development issues. Was delayed in speech but now he talks constantly ...and dances... and sings... and loves and laughs. While this is not a common outcome, it can happen. Don't give up hope. In fact, that is the name of our book on the boys.... A Pound of Hope!

check out web site:

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My lily had a grade 4 and she is now almost 4 months, one month corrected.Her bleed started to resolve its self. She smiles and interacts with us . she moves around . I too was TERRIFIED when the DR told us. I prayed and prayed some more! I'm also sending prayers your way =)


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This is all too familiar hearing the same stories! My son had grade 3 and 4 IVH w/ hydro. He had a resirvoir placed to tap the fluid, and then a VP shunt w/ 3 revisions since. HE will be 1 on monday and is doing GREAT! We never got the "he wont ever do this or that" but we did get he is at high risk for CP and other developmental delays. He IS delayed, but making progress each day!! He gets PT and OT once a week and they say he is doing great things. Keep positive, be your childs advocate, ask tons of questions! If you dont feel confident in the docs ask for a 2nd opinion.

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That is so true, of keeping positive and being your childs advocate. My son had a grade 1 IVH and has PVl, but he's doing great, yes he's delayed but the doctors don't see any reason why he won't catch up in his own time. That's the thing with our little angels, they do things on their own time. my DS is rolling belly to back and almost has back to belly. He babbles up a storm and smiles, laughs and is just a happy 9month old 6 months adjusted. Get EI as soon as you can that has made a big diff. for Kadin he gets PT/OT Water Therapy and Early intervention once a week. Never stop asking questions

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