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Hi Everyone-

My baby boy was born on April 29 of this year at 31 weeks and 4 days. He is been at the NICU for 4 weeks and now his doctors are talking about discharging him next week. I have a question for when we are at home. We want him to sleep with us for about 6 months and we do not know what is better - a bassinet or a sleeper (like the rock and play one from fisher price that parents are about on the internet). Any advice?

Thanks and it is lovely to meet all of yours virtually,

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My 30 weeker slept in the Rock and Play sleeper and loved it! She also had a little reflux so the incline was great for her. An added advantage to it is that its lightweight and easy to bring with you where ever you go.

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Most of my babies are in rock and play but you do have to watch their breathing if they are too small. It really helps with reflux I. make rice socks and but in bottom of rock and play to raise them up some. You can also may them long to fit beside your infant to keep then straight in rock and play. Works great. Good luck

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My kids sleep in the rock n play too. They love it! It helps with the reflux and like the feeling of neon in closed I think.

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Out of curiosity, why do you want your baby so long with you in your bedroom? My advice is to get the baby used to its environment. I worry that at 6 months your baby is old enough to know its surroundings and it may be harder to transition him to his room. He won't be used to the surroundings. Our twins were only with us for the first week. And they were teeny tiny preemies of 30 weeks. Got out 6 wks later at 4lbs each. Our girl really took to her crib right away. No issues. Our boy not so much. I made the mistake of putting him in the rock n play for both naps and night time. It helped bc we thought he had reflux. It has a slight incline. We propped the "froggy" pillow around his head. You see these in the NICU they use around babies head and feets. Ask hospital for one if you can. Our friend got us an extra. The con: our boy is having a hard time transitioning out of it. START EARLY!! He's now 6 months (4 mo corrected and is 13.5 lbs). He is getting too long and big for it. Our Early Intervention Therapist is helping us work to transition him out. After a week he seems to be going in crib at night. Still cries around 4am like clockwork and we either let him cry it out or put him in rock n play. Naps are harder. Actually both only like swing. Boy will also sleep in rock n play. Trying to get them into sleeping in a pack n play or their cribs. Sorry so long, but thought it be helpful to show you how it's been challenging transitioning from a rock n play. If you elect this, please rethink on having him with you for 6 months (unless he has a medical condition) and transition to his crib as soon as possible. Trust me, it will make your life easier!! Good luck!

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Congratulations on your little angel, and YAY for going home soon!!
I had both a bassinet and a rock and play, and we tried the bassinet but it was too big (she was 3lb15oz) and open, she didn't feel cozy or enclosed like with theR&P, and it wasn't inclined. I LOVED the R&P and DD stayed in it until she was 8 mo! She was growth restricted so very small, and had no issues with staying in it so long. The R&P was very easy to take with us around the house or to grandma's, which was great, and when she was little I just rolled up towels like at the nicu to keep her upright, and one under her bottom (like a little seat). You can get the newer ones that have removable washable covers, or just cover it with any standard elastic changing pad cover. You can also put the towel rolls under the cover, to keep everything cozy but staying in its place. I didn't think DD had any reflux but at 3-4 mo actual she started, and it was a lifesaver. And while I'm generally a fan of getting babies into their own space by an earlier age, DD had a few issues so we kept her with us in our room for almost a year, and finally committed to doing the big bad cry it out transition to her crib-- but she surprised us and even after so long of ONLY sleeping in the R&P, she did great in her crib and has been there ever since. I give the R&P two thumbs way up for any baby, but especially for little ones and preemies that really need the enclosed feeling (it mimics being held) and slight incline. The rocking motion was also a lifesaver, when DD was falling asleep I would rock her gently with my hand, but during the night or naps when she moved it was enough movement to get the R&P slightly rocking, and would aid her back to sleep. Love it!!
Good luck taking your precious little man home, and congratulations!! We're here for any other questions as you prepare and take your little man home where he belongs!

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My twin boys were in the nicu for 40 days and 55 days, and when they came out I put them to sleep in their cribs, because like the others, it's hard to transition them later (the twins are child number 3 and 4 for me). During the day, they do stay in their rockers (bouncers) but at night it's strictly crib unless one is really fussy and I don't want him to wake the other. If you need the incline to help with reflux, like I do, I put something under one side of the matress to raise it up, but make sure to put something at the feet of the baby to help support them and keep them from sliding, like our nicu had "bendy-bumpers".

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First of all, nobody should judge you on how long you choose to keep your baby in the bedroom with you. It's a personal decision and not one that should make you feel guilty. Honestly, as preemie parents we hear it all... let's support each other instead of causing each other more worry!

We also chose the Rock n' Play sleeper - also for reflux concerns and it was (and still is) great. I second the fact that it's easy to transport and creates somewhat of a snuggly environment the little ones are accustomed to from being swaddled. I will suggest washing it frequently and checking for mold (there was a recall in January of 2013 only for those affected by mold). per_recalled_over_mold_issues.php

Good luck to you and your little one!

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