Air purifier vs. Humidifier vs. Air Sanitizer

What are your thoughts on these products? With cold and RSV season upon us, I was thinking of purchasing one or all of these.

I had a cool mist humidifier, wasn't too crazy about it. A friend of mine has an air purifier and I thought maybe that would be better? Then I stumbled across an air sanitizer while I was at Babies r Us yesterday and am even MORE confused!

Here is the air sanitizier.

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I don't think you need any of them. I was told that humidifiers are great places for mold to grow and require obsessive cleaning. They also don't do too much.

The ion ones (don't know if they are purifiers or ionizers) are actually associated with respiratory illness.

They don't prevent disease. So am not sure I would waste your money. I took mine into the bathroom and turned the shower on when they go super clogged up. It helped a bit.

Ask your doctor. The mold thing always bothered me.

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I have a True HEPA air purifier/filter running 24-7 in Dax's room and I swear by it... we even take it on trips with us LOL! It not only keep the room less dusty, it also provides great white noise and a small nightlight. It's this one: /

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We have a HEPA air purifier in his room, our room, and downstairs. I love them. Hubby can't sleep without it on and neither can Josh. I agree with Dustarella, that it keeps the room fresh and less dusty.

We have a humidifier and it was useful when Josh was on O2, because it kept the room moist, but it can create mold, if you don't clean it properly and often. It was a pain in the butt.

And the ionic purifiers are super expensive, and I have read some negative things, like Jen G said, it can cause respiratory problems, esp when you have lung issues.

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We have a Mini Ionic Air Cleaner Purifier which similar with hite-p-6545.html this.
Such Negative Ions of the Air Purifier eliminate airborne contaminates such as dust, pollen, mold, smoke, pet dander, and bacteria, germs, allergens. I prefer Air Purifier to Humidifier.

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We have a hot steam humidifier that we only use if DS has a cold or bad cough. What ppl said is true, it is a good place for mold to grow, so you do have to clean it everyday to prevent that from happening. Although it is high maintenance, it has definitely made a difference in helping DS breathe during the night when he is sick. We tried a cool mist humidifier once and thought it was a joke.

We have a VERY old air purifier in DS's room... it was my husband's in college. I wish we could find another one like it b/c it works wonders! I dust DS's room, but there's never any there! And other ppl are right... its great white noise! We also recently bought an air purifier for our living room b/c we have 2 dogs and DS has a mild allergy. The living room and our bedroom are the only rooms downstairs w/ carpet, so we thought it would be best to use it there. It does work, but definitely not as good as the antique in DS's room!

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