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Just when I thought my worries were about to reduce with my little sun shine Amber and then here comes abit of worry...now my little angel is surely a strong fighter after fighting a jaundice an infection after birth and gaining a great deal of weight in 6wks after birth every thg has really been going on well with her but these days she seems to get choked every time she is on the breast and imediatley she is off the breast she gets a strong hiccup which then goes away...I need some advice of weather I should b worried with the choking and if there is any of the premie mums who have experienced these and how they have handled it..your responses will atleast help me a great deal...

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At what point in the feeding is she choking? Are you perhaps having a "let down" during the feed and she finds those moments overwhelming? If it is a let down issue, you can pump a little prior to feeding to perhaps make the flow not so quick. Is she getting the milk down her windpipe? Have you talked with her ped? Is she laying in your lap, or have you tried her to your side positioned a little more upright?

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Oh yeah it happens when I have a let down mostly when she is almost about to finish with the feed.. She lays on my lap in a side position while I hold her..am not sure about the milk passing thru her wind pipe I will ask her ped for more details...thank you katek

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I didn't have the option to breastfeed my 28 weeker but, we did notice that towards the end of her bottle feeds (even with a preemie size nipple) she would start choking and become congested. We ended up doing a swallow study and they discovered that she was aspirating (getting fluid in her lungs). We have been thickening her feeds ever since. She is 8.5 months actual (5.5 adjusted). Hopefully, when they repeat the study next month, she will be safe for thin liquids again. It is worth asking about because, you don't want your little one to get sick from it. Good luck.

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