36wk twins!

My cousins had their 6 and 7th babies on the 27th. It's a blessing after they had a still birth last yr (25wks) To make it even cooler the 27th is also their other set of twins Birthday they turned 2 and are also boy/girl. Emmanuel has a feeding tube in and Bibiana is eating on her own. I'm hoping they are home soon and get plenty of rest! They made the news http://www.wkow.com/category/135153/video-landing-page?autoStart=true&clipI d=8290452

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36 weeks for twins is great ;)

Wow 2 sets of twins? R they in the family ? That's adorable. God bless them.

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Sounds like they're doing great!

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Unless it's on her side they don't run in the family. Now On my moms side I have twin Uncles and twin Cousins
I was rooting for twins of my own , but now I'm glad I didn't get them. I can barely keep up with Coralynn !

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wow what a special date for that family. :) I bet the birthday party will be crazy next year.

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