2 yr old son tongue sticks out and he drools

2 yr old son who was born at 28 wks. He weighed 2 pounds. He recieved OT, PT and speech. The last couple of months his tongue hangs out and he drools. Should I be concerned. All of his therapist think he should see a neuro. Anybody with some advice.

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Is he on any special medication that might possibly be causing these things as side effects? Like Reglan?

If no, then the drooling could mean teething...the 2-year molars may be coming in. But the tongue, I don't know. I think I'd take their advice and talk to his pediatrician and ask about the possibility of a referral to a neurologist. If three different therapists who have a background in babies and toddlers, including preemies, are saying this, then it's probably a good thing to look into it. Good luck.

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There's an interesting discussion on it in this book:
http://www.amazon.com/Its-Much-Work-Your-Friend/dp/0743254651/ref=sr_1_1?ie =UTF8&s=books&qid=1275564484&sr=1-1

Since reading that book, a couple months ago, I have been noticing what the author describes, that people typically don't have their mouths open and that, as a social cue, people are put off by it.

Certainly have the various doctors consider it and you could just start by gently trying to remind him to close his mouth. If he can't then there is likely some issue, whether physical, or a medication that can be addressed.

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Thank you for your feedback. My son is not taking any medications. This has been going for about 2 months now. I guess its a concern and its very scary for me. I am a single mother. He is my only child too. I made a appt for him to see a neurologist thats in 2 wks. Im going to start there and see what happens. I do tell him to put his tongue back in and he does, but then 2 sec later its back out.

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Thank you, my son is not on any medications. I do have a appt for him in 2wks.

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Hello everyone. I had posted a problem regarding my son sticking his tongue out & it just hanging out a lot with drowling. I ended up taking him to a Neurologist. It was discovered that he is having seizures most likely due to him being a micro premiee. Of course I went crazy asking when is all this going to end? My son has gon through enough. So now we are waiting for his MRI to get done. The CT scan showed some abnormalities. Anyone with same issues.

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