Does anyone have a child that eats non food items?My daughter has short bowel syndrome and has a very limited oral diet due to her diary allergy and not being able to eat as an infant and small child due to her short bowel. She does eat some now, but for the last year, off and on, she has been eating non food items that can be very dangerous. I had her see a psycologist and told her team of doctors. They didn't have much advice. Does anyone else?

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My son use to be that way. He had a ng tube for a couple of months. He now is eating some food. He drinks drink called eo28 splash by neocate. It has 237 calories per 8oz box. You can live on this stuff. My son gets 4 a day still and he is now 3. His oral intake of food is about 200 calories a day. I would reccoment going to Children's Institute in Pittsburgh, PA or there is a feeding center in Hershery PA that is outstanding. They work with children of all ages. It works this is what helped me with my son. He had to learn how to eat chew food. swallow, etc. My son was diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis. This may or may not help you. But you can check with your local health organization and set up a feeding therapy with people who are trained in this area of feeding disorders. They are free. I had this service for over a year. They came to my house and they were fabulous. Good luck to you. I hope I help you some.

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