double lumen GJ tube

My son has a low profile GJ right now. But everytime we try to decrease his feeding time less than 20 hrsed by going up on the rate he starts retching alot. The doctor has recommended trying a standard gj tube. Does any body have any experince with that. I am particularly cocnerned about the dangling tubes.Are they really bothersome?

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Hi- not sure if I am talking apples to oranges, but my daughter has a G-tube. We have mickee button. It works well as you attach the extender tube on it whenever you want to feed and we can put medicine in directly (with certain type of syringe) thereby avoiding the extension tube. As far as the retching, that sounds like reflux, common with all g-tubes. All people are different and maybe regalin (helps the stomch to empty faster) might be helpful- my daughter couldn't tolerate it. But take the decrease in time slowly (like a week to 10 days at a time) and I was told it shouldn't be more than 10% change at a time. I've never heard of there being a difference with reflux depending on the tube used. Hope this helps a little.

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when you say gj tube, right now does the tube have a port that empties into the stomach and a port that empties into the jejunum? That is a gj tube. Putting feeds into the jejunum avoids any reflux issues with the stomach. A gtube only goes into the stomach. A jtube goes only into the jejunum.

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I forgot, as far as a dangling tube, I think using a onesie is helpful to keep it contained.

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