T8 Paraplegic - Incomplete

I met in a car accident in December 09 and have been diagnosed with a partially severed spinal cord at T8. I never found out my diagnosis until 5 months after my accident due to negligence at the hospital i was at in the beginning. This got me so upset but rather can make a fuss over it, i cotinued to stay positive and see how i would continue life from here on. I have been trying to find out if there are any new deelopments out here apart from physiotherapy. I have been doing therapy 3 days a week which include weights, leg stretches and practicing sitting up. I have been confident in my recovery since i was diagnosed and never lose hope. I have a amazing family and support group of friends. am keen to find out if there is anything i can find out about my injury

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Ask away.....I am T 7/8 inc.

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How long was it before you were able to sit up on your own? I am still having problems doing that. Also, I still do self cathterization and stuff. Do you have pains in your back?

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I still cant really sit up on my own.....if I "throw" my arms forward while doing a sit up, yeah....I can sit up. The abs arent very strong. I use an external cath and leg bag. I can void on my own....BUT.....its because I can stand and walk some that I can empty my bladder. If not, I would be having a lot more issues using this set up. If you are self-cathing, thats not such a bad thing. My bladder would spaz out bigtime, and I would piss all over the place when I first tried to "train" my bladder during self cath. Back pain?? You are gonna have it for a while. Its truly a curse. The harder you work to get any return, the more pain you will suffer. Try to ice the back after a workout, and then put heat on it. Also, ICYHOT patches work ok. I also cheat and take 2 Tylenol an hour before the workout. If you are having nerve pain in the lower back, then try laying on your side. It sometimes helped. Not sure why that "burning" pain would hit, but it sure can light ya up! The body does get tired, will ache from the work, and the spasms will rock you. Jus sucks......

However........The payoff for me is that I am stronger in the upper body, which helps with transfers, and saves your shoulders (plus lower weight). If you can move anything in the lower body, work the hell out of it! Max out the muscles and see what happens. No one knows what you will get back, and what you will be able to do or not do. Each of our injuries are different, well...you know that already. Do not quit on yourself, and do not accept what others tell how you will live. Only you can determine any of that....its your life still!

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My son was injured Feb 10 2009, He at first diagnosis was a T6 incomplete.. He is now A T-12 incomplete.. but almost an L1.. He at first couldn't sit up he would fall over.. LOTS of therapy has helped him recover as much as he has.. work on your core .. They had him lay on a big ball and try to lift his body up .. they had him sit on tables and try not to fall over .. they would put him in a standing frame and drop the table and have him try to hold himself from falling forward and if he did they would have him try to pull up.. Sometimes it seemed so cruel but he worked it until it started to work. Keep at the therapy keep busting your tail.. it will pay off.. building those upper body muscles helps SO MUCH... Ask your physiatrist about getting an EMPI unit... put this on your legs work those muscles it helps them not waste away.. you want to save them babies the best you can because when it comes to walking you NEED them. My son can now walk with leg braces.. Its not easy it doesn't look graceful.. but for him.. its a step in the right direction to get better.

Get a standing frame.. this has helped my son greatly..
My son also rides a bike from time to time .. Motomed.
He also does the body supported tread mill... anything you can do to keep your body moving will help you greatly!

Best of luck to you!

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Hey im a t7 incomplete sever SCI.. Good to meet yaw all.. i been paralyze since 6/3/07 and being a incomplete with the title sever pretty much i find myself more a complete due to no signs of sensation at all and i deal with neropathic pain everyday. Especially when it is cold and i use to take lyrica for it but found out that it does not do much so i stop taking it. I kind of tolerate it and got use to it cause there is no way of control for it. Overall i understand and accept that this tragedy is part of my life and have to find means of learning to live life with thhis condition and its a hard thing especially with the pain and not much support community to even socialize with besides the net. I manage to takecare of myself at best to avoid anymore suffering such as pressure sore and depression. Depression its a major thing when you hope and find yourself frustrated cause of no result and not having the things you need to be independent. I would say learn the basics and in time you will learn to live well in being independent in showering, transfer and just doing things on your own. I feel that having a car is a big deal for me because i have no way of doing or going out to enjoy a day on my own without having to tag along with someone. Everybody in my family has a life and there are times that i want to go out and have noone to take me. So having a car is something good to further one independency. As for my mentality i rely on my spirituality to keep me focus on those days im depress and it works for me. I dont know much of you but if you need one to talk to, just message me and i will get back to you. Stay strong and God bless you all!

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Thanks man. I really appreciate the comments. My injusry is just 9 months old and so far I have regained sensation in right leg and pelvic area which wasn't there before. I have no signs of movement yet but I am hopeful. Due to my weight, I have to get assistance transferring. Sitting up is hard as I have pains in my lower back when I do it and cannot balance. Keep me posted on other things I can try to keep my mind focused.

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