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Also, my dad is beginning to regain some feeling below his level of injury (t5 complete). He describes such as 'little bubbles' or that he can barely feel some degree of cool/hot temperature or touch. However, such feeling comes and goes. From your own knowledge/experience, does anyone have any suggestions if this is a good sign? Or if similar feelings occured to yourself/ loved one/ someone you know?

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Yes, for now it can be a good sign. It would take me weeks, sometimes months, before a new sensation would be there permantly. I would caution that some return can come back as neuropathic pain, which aint no fun. I am very hopeful that with the return of sensation, that some muscular movement will follow....Good Luck!

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My son also has been having a return of feeling in his lower back and buttocks where it hasn't been before. His injury is a t-11. I would like to know more about this too and will be watching for comments from anyone that can give an idea of if this is normal before there is more movement or if it could just be what it is -- feeling, nothing more. We are praying it is a sign of something more.

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Stay positive everyone! And keep exercising!!!!!!!

I firmly believe that movement is key.

My son is an L1 burst (incomplete). He gets "sparking and burning" in his toes and has regained some movement in his legs. Sensation has def. improved. I can't emphasize enough the importance of PT and/or tons of exercise. If he can't move something, my husband or I move it for him just so his body doesn't forget what it's supposed to do.

Therapy/exercise in the pool is a great thing too because it takes so much less effort to get movement.

Keep working, keep fighting, keep believing!

I say a prayer for the SCI community every night.

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I was diagnosed T4/T5 in 2000. I feel as one of the other comments that exercise is the "key" or

helps as far as muscle control or feeling. My paralysis was like a complete circle around my

chest and back! I would just fall over in any direction if I did not hang on. I had lifted weights

for years before my accident, and was upset that I was so limited in ways to exercise. My

brother in law gave me an old Weider exercise unit with the stacked weights and pins that gave

me a way to do bench presses (not laying down--removed seat & back chair up to unit), flyes,

and lat pulldowns. I sincerely believe that the pulldowns really helped as I can now flex my back

muscle on either side down to my waist and do have some pressure-touch sensation there as

well. Chest has not faired as well, or anything in abs, but I do feel better. Also use dumbells for

other exercises. So lift those weights and exercise however you can and it should help!

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