Has anyone out there had a pons stroke? Females rarely survive these so I'm by myself alot of the time with this.

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I am not sure what being female or having a pons stroke has to do with being alone a lot. I have had several clients with pons strokes, and all but one was a female.

Do you have locked in syndrome? How severe was your stroke? Can you speak? How are you accessing the computer?

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I was told by doctors that females seldom survive pons strokes and if they do they have a great chance of being locked in. A stroke in the pons area is a major stroke because unlike other strokes it involves the message center of the brain. all things you do pass through the pons. it contols among other major organs,your lungs. i didn't mean to make light of any stroke cause they are all serious. it's just that i would like to have simalar people to compare notes with.
i am not locked in. i'm one of the few thank God!! i have double vision,nystagmas of the eyes,lung problems,inconttinence,weaker left side,and i'm in a wheelchair due to balance problems. i darn near died with my stroke.I was in the hospital 3 months. onlife support a week. i had a trach and the whole works cause of lack of swallow reflex. I went in for surgery and stroked the next day. i don't remember anything til I woke up in a totally different hospitaml only to find i had been shipped to three hospitals.

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My boyfriends mother suffered a pons stroke 4 years ago. She is what i guess is called (locked in), she can feel, hear, see, completely lucid, but her body is paralyzed neck down, trach, feeding tube, etc.
She cannot even use any kind of aparatus to communicate because of the trach, she has a marker board by her bed where she spells everything out with the alphabet broken into 5 lines, one letter at a time.
She has communicated to me that she is ready to fight, she wants some of her life back.
I have found it incredulously impossible to find a contact to discuss and maybe make an appointment with a doctor to discuss alternative treatments that she is now ready to try.
PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP US? i want to get her out there while she still has the will.
This is her sons email address, if anyone has any information on contacts or options, please let us know.
Deanna and Eric

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Tell your boyfriends mother to keep fighting. the scienetist are making great strides in stoke treatment.Also tell her she's a brave woman for picking the path she chose, i don't have all my abilities but i get around and can talk with my voice. I won't say i know how she feels cause except for a short period i can't remember i've nevwer been locked in. i do remember not being able to communicate except for the alphabet board. BUMMER! Also tell her to find a good and understanding neurologist or doctor. neurologist preferred. i havealso had luck with an accupuncerist. make sure they are licensed in orienttal medicine.i've had really good luck there. there is also a stem cell facility i've heard rumors of in Mexico. they do adult stem cell so it's not fetal stem cells they use. i don't know how she is financelly but this is a few suggestions. write anytime and i'll aanswer to the best of my knowledge. i've only been stroked 5 years so i'm new at this too!

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