Stage 4 pancreatic Cancer

My step dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Don't know much but that is has spread to the stomach and lung. Does anyone have this same diagnoses? Don't know what type either. Can't ask much bc family want allow!!

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Stage 4 means the tumor has advanced systemically, I think. The tumors cells were able to hitch a ride on some bodily system and set up camp in an organ far away from ground zero. Most likely, this means that a curative surgery has a lower probability of success and increases the risk for possible reward. However, this does not mean that people with stage IV pancreas tumors don't have options. This doesn't mean that people with stage 4 pancreas cancer should simply give up.

We are not here to judge either you or your family... but I do think it will be easier for you to do more research if you knew a bit more about your dad's tumor.

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Agree... first, find out what kind of PC. Honestly, there are better places to get input if it's adenocarcinoma instead of pancreatic neuroendocrine.

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If he has pnet tumours he has a better chance of living longer. They are slow growing and you can live years with them continuing to have good quality of life.
I hope you can find out more.

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Check out this support group:^WEBUTLTY(199,8 )/869415521

Its focus is on PC and PNETs. Lots of very supportive folks there.

Good luck!

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