neurotransmitter implants

By 1950arms
Yesterday at 3:30 pm
I have just returned from a journey that was a Twilight Zone experience. Three weeks ago I had a 'practice' neurtransmitter placed in my head for severe neuropathy.
I got on this site initially because of my mother's lung cancer and my husband's bladder cancer. I did find support for my fibro and neuropathy issues. Well....I need support for myself now.
In December I had a vascular decompression to relieve the brain pain but all that was resulted was total hearing loss. I was out of work eight weeks. Months passed. After the new practice of jabbing the wires into the face while awake in the operating room, I had a cable hookup that looked like a computer attached to a remote that controlled my pain. It worked quite successfully. It was then taken out and I was rescheduled for the 'real deal.' Thursday, I was prepared. I had gone to a pain psychologist and had my body ready for the onslaught of pain. Upon entry into the OR, I saw a nurse texting on her phone...bad Karma. Then when the betadine solution was sopped on my face it drained into my nose and throat and I had trouble not hacking up a lung. Of course the stinging eye made up for the blue smothering cloth wrapped around my head. The kind, surgeon started jamming in the wires. They must have been curtain rods inadvertently forced through my cheeks. I had trouble with my breathing exercises, secret singing and nasty thoughts grew about a reality show of SAW X. Finally I made it through the coat hanger wire placement then I was supposed to get some anesthetic to make me forget the seam ripping experience in my chest for the placement of the monitor.
Time elapsed. I woke up and thanked the doctor. He said, "The anesthesia was contaminated and we had to stop the surgery. We'll schedule it again next week." I replied with the intelligent comment of "Poop. More concentration camp experiences"
I am living off of pain meds and hoping for the best.
Has anyone heard of contaminated anetsthetic? Does this mean I pulled a Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckcoos Nest and pulled out my wires during surgery? This is so ironic since the major pain was done while I was awake. No I take it back, the OR had country-western music blaring and maybe that made me a bit twangy.
Thanks for letting me vent. I truly can't jaw about it because my mouth doesn't open much this week.

Edited September 8, 2010 at 10:48 am

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