Chronic nerve damage after breast reduction surgery

Hi, new to this but here is my story. I had a breast reduction and tummy tuck july 31st 2009. I look beautiful, tummy tuck no problem, breast reduction has turned into chronic nerve damage nightmare! This pain does not rest, I have tried everything. PT, Water PT, accupuncture, pain management (nerve block), neuro drs. The anxiety from this pain is intense...menopause full blown after surgery. On gabapentin..was 100 mg x 3 help..neuro dr now upped 300 mg x 2 a day. I am in so much pain that I still can not wear a bra and the nerves are so sensitive I am lucky I can wear a light tee shirt at times. Any suggestions..I am exhausted from morning to night. Every dr I have seen said this is rare, except my accupuncturist who seems to be the only dr that has been honest with me. I have done a lot of research and this is not uncommon at all. I am 53 years young and it has really taken a toll on my body. Anyone out there have similar conditions, sad to say that no dr has an answer for chronic nerve damage! How do you deal with GP dr can not help me anymore, we have exhausted options. Tried Lyrica, Cymbalta..nothing seems to work, can not take vicodin. Just want to get some relief without losing my ability to function a normal life. Anyone thinking about having a breast reduction done in the future, please re-think your options. I had it done because I had back,neck and shoulder pain...that's gone but the nerve damage caused by the breast reduction is 1000 times worse. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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i, too, have nerve damage from lung surgery in june 2010. after several unsucessful methods, the pain management people put me on opana er 24/7 which unlike other narcs does not impaired your ability to "drive, operate......" as others such as lortab, percocet do. i did have the latter however for breakthough pain. problem with opana er is it's expensive. this helped but did not improved in a year and was told to take this combo the rest of my life and live with it. went back to my primary who added gabapentin in doses the way you started, then 600 x 2 and now 900 x 2. have since quit the opana er and rarely take lortab. some pain remains but not nearly as bad and there is the option to increase the gabapentin. think the recommended max is 1800 x 2. talk with your doc about more gabapentin and hope it will work for you too.

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Thanks for your reply...I appreciate just knowing I am not alone. As you well know chronic pain is difficult to control, even diagnois. I am going to start 300 mg in the am and then 300mg in the pm. I know the neuro dr said people take much higher amounts, and like you I don't want to be on any narcotic drugs, just want daily relief to function and focus. Thank you for your sharing your info with these drs...just live with it, if it was only that easy!

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cortezmermaid: After a bilateral mastectomy, I had a great deal of pain. There is a 'post-mastectomy
t-shirt' that might be more comfortable than a 'regular bra'. I am assuming, that since it was a 'reduction'
and NOT an 'amputation' (that is actually what a mastectomy IS) you still have a significant amount of 'breast tissue' remaining.

You might wish to 'look into' using the type of wear that women use following a 'lumpectomy'.

Sorry you are 'so miserable' following your "COSMETIC SURGERY" --- but some of us, no longer possess


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I would suggest discussing the use of Cymbalta along with your pain management. It made a significant difference for me with neuropathic pain. (scroll down through the article till you find pain after breast reduction)

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Thanks for your input, I had the reduction not for cosmetic reasons, it was fully covered through insurance due to the fact that I had severe back, and neck pain due to their weight. I fully understand your point of view, my mother had a double masectomy as well and I was her support through out her 15 year fight with cancer. We never thought of her surgery as an amputation however, it was part of life and with great Faith we did the best we could do deal with the situation. With Faith I will get through this as well, Im just a gal who needs some suggestions regarding my personal condition. Thank you, I wish you well with your recovery.

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Thank you for your advice, I was on cymbalta for a year with no relief. I weened myself off slowly, per instructions from my GP.

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