Doing Amazing after HIPEC

Just wanted to let you all know I am doing great. HIPEC was on 1/22. I didn't even wake up for pain med last night. They removed all female organs, appendix, omentum and gall bladder. Pathology report came back, ALL cancer. I just know that it is all gone now and I am well on my way to a normal life again. They made 7 incisions all over my belly for robotics rather than the huge incision. Was in hospital for 6 days. I was sent home on Magnesium and Potassium due to low levels. Procedure was 9 1/2 hours. Was in ICU for 2 days. Waking up on the ventilator was the worst part. Still not handling meat yet, doesnt seem to digest right. Eating egg sandwiches and chicken spaghetti without issue. Day 6 seemed to be more tiring. Surgeon said it was the effects of chemo kicking in. Feeling much more energetic as of yesterday. I am up to answering questions :0) Love to all!!

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