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Hi everyone. Just another long overdue update. Came out of remission last January as bloods were up and my scan showed some lymph node growth. Started carboplatin in Feb as a second line treatment. Had my first round, no problems, 5 minutes into my second round 3 weeks later and wham! Nasty reaction so couldn't have anymore of that which was a shame as it seems to work well for me. Had a time of wait and see until May but started feeling uncomfortable again so started gemcitibine. Had 9 rounds of one per week for 3 then a week off. We were going over to Perth in August so they said they wouldnt start the next 9 until we came home. In the meantime, I had mentioned to my Onc that I had become very short of breath and was retaining fluid in my feet and lower limbs. She did a scan before I went away and it said I had some fluid build up under my lungs which wasn't ascites and queried whether it could be fluid related. By the time we got home I was feeling much better. So, I couldn't have anymore of that either. Wait and see again. October I started Etoposide oral. First round of 10 days was horrendous. Vomiting, loose bowels up to 10 times a day and on and on I went. I had see a relief Onc who prescribed a stronger dose than what my Onc said she would have. She is more conservative. I said I would give it another go so started on half the dose and was a piece of cake. Have lost my hair again and get pretty exhausted as am now on round 5 of 12 days. Had my scan last week and it shows some increase in the lymph nodes again so will find out what happens next. Still have one round to go but don't know if it will really help. My CA125s are still up around 1200 and have been for the last few months. My options are getting limited also. Oh well, still feeling basically well just tired all the time. Sorry to ramble on again. Chris

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