Has anyone had experience with Trofosfamide?

Trofosfamide (metronomic dose 150 mg orally per day)
metabolized predominantly to the cyclophosphamide analogue ifosfamide.. Four of 9 patients with advanced ovarian cancer resistant to platinum-containing regimens and paclitaxel responded to oral TRO. The median treatment duration was 26 weeks for responders and 6 weeks for nonresponders, with cumulative doses of up to 46.000 mg TRO. Response duration was 11-47 weeks. No significant side effects were observed. Oral TRO given in the outpatient setting seems to be an attractive therapeutic option for heavily pretreated cancer patients, and it has remarkable antitumor effects in patients with ovarian cancer.
Cardiac events
Toxicity was mild and predominantly hematologic. Only 1 patient had to stop treatment due to renal toxicity.

150mg/d for a month then 100 mg/d for a year

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