The ProWave 101 Energy System?

Has anyone heard of this? This information was just given to me by a friend who vacations in Florida - a friend of her's has this machine and swears it works.

Apparently The Rife machine has been promoted as an alternative method of controlling cancer, the theory being that cancer cells die in a magnetic field. One could argue that healthy cells also could be affected. The FDA hasn't aproved the device.

I don't know what type of cancer she has - all I know is this information has been passed onto me from a friend of a friend and I'm not holding my breath.

I can't find a whole lot of information on this either - just thought I would put this out there.

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Sounds like a classic medical device scam to me. If a magnetic field could kill cancer cells, then a simple MRI would do the job.

This might help.

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Thanks tt58 - since my mom was diagnosed, I've received SO many emails from friends(?) that have heard of different receipes and machines that work to cure cancer - I know they are trying to help but I'm getting tired of it.

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Remember also that anecdotal "It worked for me" stories do not a double-blind statistically significant scientific study make. There's a reason pharmaceutical companies go through years of expensive testing before drugs are approved to treat a disease. If it were that easy to kill cancer cells, as tt58 says, we'd all know about it and be getting weekly MRIs.

Good to be skeptical.


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Much as we would all like a quick and easy treatment, I agree with everyone who has written that it is probably a scam. Also, after complications from my debulking surgery I had extensive in-patient physical therapy. Many of the others in the therapy room received electrical stimulation of their muscles using some kind of machine; but the therapists said they couldn't use it on me because of my cancer. I'm not exactly sure why but they said that there might be a risk that it would promote cancer growth. There is a relationship between magnetism and electricity. Electromagnetic fields surround power lines, for example. In any case, I'd stay away from anything that's not been tested through clinical trials. Best wishes, Janet

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