Tamoxifen for Ovarian Cancer?

Dear All,

Many of you know my story; I am a 6 and half year survivor (11/15/02) who did get 3 and half years of remission. Mine returned April 2006. I have been on Carbo, Taxol, and Gemzar my first 10 treatments, had the second look surgery in Aug. 2003, more cancer found; so we opted for intraperitoneal chemo of Cisplatinum; they inserted the port; surgeon accidentally poked a hole in my intestine; I nearly died; but the peritonitis kept my cancer at bay for 3 and half years. Well anyway in Aug. 2006 - May 2007 I was on Avastin until I got some severe Abdominal Blockages; took about a 15 month break from chemo then had another severe blockage and lost about 20 lbs; started back on Avastin and Etoposide in Aug. 2008 - Jan. 2009.

Well I stopped the Etoposide the beginning on Dec. 2008. Well I had a severe Adbominal Blockage and we were able to avoid surgery. Well then an alien looking tumor started to look as if it were going to burst through my tummy; it's trippy in my blog to watch and read this progression, but I had my 5th major abdominal surgery on May 15, 2009.

I am still recovering but a study was done on my tumors to find that they were indeed estrogen positive. Well my oncologist/chemo doctor prescribed Tamoxifen for my current chemo to see if it will work on shrinking some tumors that are on top of my rib cage. Has anyone heard of having Tamoxifen to Treat Recurrent Ovarian Cancer?



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My doctor treats patients with Tamoxifen and it works for some people. Last summer he thought I needed a break from chemo and had me take the Tamoxifen for 4 months. For the first two months the cancer doubled several times. For the next two months it only increased a little. For the past year I have been on Topotecan and it only cut the cancer in half once and the cancer is stable but not decreasing. My doctor started Avasin 3 months ago and my cancer is still just stable. But Tamoxifen does work for some people. My cancer is estrogen positive.

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Hi Jayne
Yes, I had Tamoxifen and Carbo when the Cancer
returned last year. I had 6 treatments every 3 weeks
should have had 9. I had booked a vacation in Florida
because I thought I was only going to get 6, so when
I returned the CA 125 was going up again. Now I am
back on chemo but only on Carbo.
I also had Tamoxifen the first time around with Hisplatinum given interperitoneal . The first time it
was a challange, the 2nd time I had no side effects
except that you lose your hair.
Good luck.

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Wow this kinda scares me. I feel like a guinea pig now. I hope this isn't a case of setting up for failure. I could seriously do less with out that. I do like that fact that it's just 2 pills per day and they are tiny ones unlike the horse pill Etoposides I took last year.

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I finished my treatsment of IV/IP Taxol/Cisplatin last month and as a preventative measure my doctor wants to put me on Tamoxifen. Is anyone taking it as a preventative medicine? Are there any side effects?

Take care

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So far it's just night sweats and some tiredness.

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I'm on tamoxifen as a preventative measure as well. My tumor tested estrogen positive, and it seemed a lot less invasive than going on maintenance taxol. My only side effects are "warm" flashes, not really even like the hot flashes I had during chemo. I'm a little tired some days, but really not sure if that is leftover from the chemo which I finished in early March.

I have also heard about using tamoxifen to treat recurrences. It works for some, and it can buy you some time off of the harsher drugs.

Good luck! Maggie

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Offering tamoxifen is becoming somewhat standard with recurrent OVCA. When the cancer returns, they will offer it to try to hold the cancer at bay and buy you some time. For those that it works for, it's great. But for those that it does not work for it seems to feed the cancer and make it grow rapidly. I've have heard of some drs telling their patients that they will not be able to tell for several months. What I always recommend with this is to get your CA125 taken monthly while taking tamoxifen. If it is not working, you will know and know very quickly and be able to "nip it in the bud" before things get worse. I don't mean to scare you, but you have always been someone who is in control with this, so I wanted to chime in here.... Important thing to take into consideration- most women do not know if they are estrogen positive and the drs are offering the tamoxifen basically as a "let's give this a try". You know what your position is.

Hope this helps!!!

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It sounds like some people are confusing Taxol with Tamoxifen. They are two very different things!

Taxol is a first-line chemotherapy drug that's given intravenously.
Tamoxifen is an oral estrogen blocker that's typically used to prevent a breast cancer recurrence. Generally, breast cancer survivors take it for five years after completing treatment. Some doctors think it may be useful in preventing a recurrence of ovarian cancer. For the record, my oncologist says that ovarian cancer is not an estrogen-fueled disease, so she doesn't think it's of any use, even if a tumor tests positive for estrogen receptors.

Good luck!


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Well I am going to have some faith no matter what that this might just work for my cancer. How can faith harm you? Hell I just got to go swimming and do 5 laps yesterday and 3 today, 5 laps on my old lady bike around my complex and will do some more laps in the pool later on. I'm able to get out side and play! Thanks so much for the information! I don't feel that many had confused Tamoxifen with Taxol; it is getting more and more common; but we will see if it works. Many doctors have different opinions and I trust mine fully.

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I am on Tamoxifen for recurrent OC. My CA went down 20 points after being on it for a month. The doctor was encouraged by this and is keeping me on for another 2 months. Hopefully this will keep it stable. I have a lot of faith in my doctor as well. My side effects have been minimal. I have hot flashes - but I can live with that. I am enjoying my time off without the harsh stuff. Before this I was on Doxil, which wasn't too bad.

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Hi....I've just joined to post my POSITIVE experience - so far - with Tamoxifen. I am on a clinical trial after my second recurrence and dramatic rises in my CA125. I take 20mg Tamoxifen daily and for the first 4 weeks my CA125 continued to rise by approx 900 every 2 weeks. Then after 5 weeks it stabilised then after 7 weeks it dropped by 300. So I'm at 8 weeks and over the moon! Only side effects from the tablets are hot sweats, mostly at night, and occasional hot flushes but hey....minor problem. I feel fine and I have 4 weekly check ups plus 2 weekly blood tests. I say it's worth a try and think positive. No guarantee how long this will continue but anything that buys time before more chemo has to be good.

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Interesting discussion as my tumor was positive for estrogen receptors.

I think it I thought something would help, I would try it with Ca 125's done frequently.

Matter of fact, if walking down the street naked in snow would help, I would do that so maybe I am not a good person to ask.

For a premenopausal person perhaps it might be worse but it seems to me like a drug that would oppose estrogen and make one menopausal.

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I came across this post whilst looking for info on Tamoxifen for OVCA and notice the last post was made in 2009.

I was just wondering if any of you ladies are still using Tamoxifen as my onc has suggested we could give it a try (I dont know if im er+ but will ask the prof for confirmation of this)

Shoppingkharma i love your blog! How refreshingly honest you are :)

Stay Strong


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I only got to try it for a few weeks but it caused my intestines some serious damage until I had to have a 6th major abdominal surgery.

If your bowels are sensitive and of course this drug is highly experimental (doctors just want to know if it works on OC and if it doesn't well; we get to suffer the consequences of taking such a chemical). I did take it for a few weeks only to find that it made my cancer grow even more?

Honestly; I feel we need to get more to the root of the cause of cancer to completely understand why it is growing in our bodies?

Thanks for the compliment on my blog; I will try to post an update. I sure hope it works for you and pray that you don't have to suffer as I did on that drug; not to scare you.

Peace & Love,

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Hi Jayne

Thanks for your quick reply i wasnt expecting that lol.....I have read several accounts where the marker rose before it started falling after about 2 months, but can see after reading some of your story that you've been through hell with your guts and am quite surprised how badly the tamoxifen has affected them.

I have a feeling that the tamoxifen will be a short term solution if it works at all, but have nothing to lose at this point, and so am willing to give it a try :)

I hope the pump is working for you and that you are ok, now i have found your blog i will keep checking in to see how you are doing.

With the greatest respect
Stay Strong
love Anita x

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Yep, I'm on it right now.

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I sure hope it works for each of you!) No bowel blockages!

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I take Tamoxifen as a maintenance pill. I've only been on it a month and will have a check up this Monday.

I have a few hot and warm flashes, ok otherwise with the exception of some residule side effects from other chemo.

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After reading these Tamoxefin posts so many don't seem very positive and it's starting to discoueage me. I hope I get good news Monday.

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I began taking Tamoxifen July 2009 when my CA-125 began to rise (it went up 6-7 points a month). The first two months it continued to go up, very slowly. After that, it began to come down. BUT, for me, whenever it rose it now rose only 4-6 points, and it also went down... Finally came off Tamoxifen April 2010 and began chemo with Taxol and Carboplatin. After first tx, back to "normal" CA-125.

Turns out the ovca I have is estrogen receptive. And doc says since I respond to the Tamoxifen that means that next time he might try a sister drug (name escapes me). It doesn't work on the majority of ovca I understand, but for that percentage on which it does work, it's another tool.

Don't be discouraged. And, once you get back into remission, look into the "hedgehog" trial, providing a new med to keep patient in remission.

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