Study: Green Teacounteracts Chemotherapy

I found some interesting information regarding green tea. A study found that some components of green tea may counteract the anticancer effects of cancer therapy bortezomib (Velcade®),
Possibly we should rethink about using green tea along with other chemotherapy agents for ovarian cancer.
Link to article: s_bortezomib_cancer_therapy

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When I was on chemo I didn't take any supplements or eat or drink anything herbal since I had read some things counteract the chemo. Off chemo I do all of these things I can since it sure can't hurt.

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I was told not to do heavy antioxidants during treatment as it makes your chemo drug less effective. I've always told people that and sited studies but no one really believed me. Glad you posted this.

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It depends on the supplement and the chemo (And perhaps the disease- I'm not sure about that part). A good resource is the Pine Street Clinic in San Anselmo, CA. If you go to their website and click on foundation you can pull up the newsletter Avenues. They report research on the effect of various supplements with various chemos.


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Thanks for sharing this info. Please note that this study was specific to one chemo drug, bortezomib (Velcade®) and that report says:
"Although the study has exposed detrimental effects of green tea in specific combination with Velcade, this should not minimize the previously reported potentially beneficial effect of this herb,” said Dr. Schönthal. “Related studies with other types of cancer therapies are promising and green tea extract may actually improve the anticancer effects of other drugs.”

Of course it's good for anyone considering supplements to consult with their doctor. My naturopathic oncologist (who's an ND & FABNO), who knows which chemo drugs I'm on, prescribed green-tea extract to me, and my MD oncologist reviewed and OK'd all his suggestions.

There are other studies that show green tea makes chemo more effective. For example, here's one study on doxorubicin (Adriamycin) and green tea, which was published in Clinical Cancer Research, that concludes "These results suggest that drinking green tea can encourage cancer chemotherapy and may improve the quality of life of clinical patients":

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I am glad this discussion got started. I am not taking any supplements while on chemo. My doctor is willing to listen and talk about it. I have always believed in moderation in all things. Am interested in what others have to say.

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This is very interesting, since many might not consider green tea a supplement. Then are we going into dietary restrictions?

As far as supplements - mostly herbals in their many forms - I've been cautioned to avoid anything except standard vitamins, minerals, and the glucosaminechondroitin/MSM I take for very mild arthritic side effect. They are extra cautious when one is on a clinical trial, as many substance interactions have yet to be characterized. I have read that Memorial Sloan Kettering wants all of their cancer patients off of all supplements during chemo, but have herbal consults available for a post-chemo diet plan.

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