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my mom who is 59 years old has been recently diagnosed with stage 1c ovarian cancer..currently she is scheduled to see an an oncologist for follow up and to discuss further treatment..any thoughts regarding radiation therapy vs.chemotherapy?thanks

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Sorry that your mom has to go through this, but 1C is not a bad diagnosis to have. They obviously caught it early.

If it turns out that she needs surgery, be sure to get her a gynecologic oncologist-the survival rates are proven to be higher. Naturally each case is different, but as a rule radiation is not used as first line treatment for ovarian cancer (like it is for low-grade breast cancer where they do a lumpectomy). That doesn't mean they won't do it, but it is not the norm. Chemo is usually the first line of treatment given ovca's tendency to spread, and the most common chemo given is Taxol/Carboplatin (6 treatments spaced 3 weeks apart). If that becomes the case, just ask about it here and you'll get plenty of info since we have all had it.

I certainly wish your mom well and hope it can she can get into remission quickly.

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When caught at this earliest stage, ovarian cancer has a good prognosis. At Stage 1, ovarian cancer has a five-year survival rate of around 93%.

Two decades of randomized clinical trials in ovarian cancer have not established the superiority of platinum combinations over signle agent alkylators or platinum/Taxol over single agent platinum.

Single-agent carboplatin is acceptable as first-line chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, with its superior toxicity profile and equivalent survival benefit compared with other regimens, according to the results of a randomized trial reported in an issue of The Lancet.

There is a clear relationship between platinum resistance and tumor differentiation. Poorly-differentiated tumors are, on average, significantly more sensitive to platinums than are well-differentiated tumors. In contrast, Taxol resistance is not related to tumor differentiation. Single-agent platinum may be the most appropriate first-line chemotherapy for poorly-differentiated tumors, while platinum/Taxol may be more appropriate for well-differentiated tumors.

Cell Function Analysis
Lancet 2002;360:500-501, 505-515.

And Gynecologic Oncologists have better outcomes than General Surgeons treating ovarian cancer, according to results of a meta-analysis published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Patients with stage I or II disease treated by Gynecologic Oncologists were more likely to undergo lymph node dissection. Professional societies recommend that it is preferable for ovarian cancer patients to be operated on by Gynecologic Oncologists when possible.

SOURCE: J Natl Cancer Inst 2006;98:163-180.

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I am a stage 1C clear cell survivor diagnosed 8/06. I had 6 treatments of IV Taxol/Carbo and have been in remission since completing far so good. The previous posts provide great information for you and your Mom. She has the benefit of being younger at diagnosis and your good support. All good wishes to her as she begins her chemo journey.This board is a great companion for the trip!

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thank you everyone for all your help and mom just underwent surgery to remove the tumor and her Left ovary..her right ovary was previously removed..the information you shared with me gives me a lot of hope and encouragement..Thank you

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Hi Karen! I, too, was diagnosed Stage 1C in January 2008. I finished chemo in September. I did the 6 carbo/tax. treatments with very little side effects and worked fulltime throughout. Today I am feeling healthy, strong and happy (with a CA of 7.2!) and lucky! I do many alternative therapies too, including juicing every morning. Please tell your mother how lucky she is to have found it at Stage 1 and don't hesitate to contact me for any support or questions as she travels through this journey.

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I have 1c ovarian cancer. I have completed three of the six cycles of first line chemo. Because the cancer was contained in the tumor, there was not mention of radiation. Chemo has not been a breeze because of bone pain. I have not been sick to my stomach. I think this cycle, we have a drug regime that is helping with the bone pain. If we get this under control, things will be much better. I am not usually in favor of drugs but in this case, I am willing to try anything. Good luck to your mom. Yes we are lucky that it was found at stage one. I only hope more and more cases are found earlier and earlier.

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Thank you very much for all your makes me feel so much better that there is so much support out there..

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I too, have stage 1c ovarian cancer, I have a second surgery on June 16th for a lymph node sample and to properly stage me. I guess regardless I will be getting chemo. I just cut my hair so I can try to get this all to sink in. Any advice for someone who is freaked out about the results of this surgery and most of all chemo? What can I expect?

Thank you... Good luck to everyone!!

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