Has anyone here tried a product calles Smartlash? Is it safe?
The side effects that go with Latisse are definately not worth the risk, sometimes I wish I was more of a girly girl so I might enjoy putting on false eyelashes.
We'll see, I am taking AHCC & it says it sometimes stops hair from falling out. I didn't start it until my hair was nearly all gone but maybe it will help with the lashes. I always had short eyebrows & have heard it was due to thyroid issues...

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Any eyelash products clog the hair follicles and slow the growth of new lashes. My doc said absolutely not! Lashes and brows grow back fairly fast. I never heard AHCC stops hair from falling out. Biotine (a B vitamin) encourages hair and nail growth.

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I have a small booklet from Woodland Publishing written by Dr Dan Kenner Ph.D. it states that AHCC prevents hair loss. Wish I had started taking it BEFORE chemo...

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