shingles taxol and itching

after a diagnosis of stage iv uterine papillary serous cancer in 10/07, i underwent debulking surgery and 6 mos of carb and taxol. i survived and recovered. in 3/10 i was diagnosed with shingles and my ca 125 exploded to 800. i recovered from the shingles pain but was left with terrible itching and needle like pain. i under went another round of chem for six months and completed that 2/11. now i have this icthing in other arm as well and numbness and tingling moving down my right leg. one dr says it is post herpetic neuropathy. one dr says this is no longer shingles but a reaction to taxol and carbotrol. i have been given lidacain patches . they aren't pretty but they do help the itching. anyone with this experience?

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I had shingles last month. Do u know if it can affect my CA125. Wish I could help but mostly I had excruciating pain. Good luck!

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