Rick Simpson Hemp Oil ?

Hi I have asked about this subject under the heading" Platlet Recover"
(My Partners)

Not sure if the subject is ahot potatoe on this site or not.?
A man Canada based is claiming great things from using Hemp Oil as cancer treatment. i'm not advocating smoking pot etc . there was a radio interveiw with him, which makes interesting listening. Is the whole thing a scam or not?
various reasons for supressing his claims , but lets have a balanced discussion

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Our centre for integrative medicine has given talks about the benefits of medical cannibis for pain, especially abdominal pain (edible). There are two types: CBD and THC. CBD has less of the "high" properties more suited to manage pain during day time. THC has different types and strenghts, and your Dr can help you choose the one that may be right for you to manage pain and get some sleep.
I did read about hemp oil has treatment properties, I did not find any studies on it.

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I've heard of it, most recently in person at a farmer's market about a week ago, but more often by the name "cannabis oil". I googled that and found this article, among others:
http://www.sfweekly.com/2013-04-24/news/key-words-cannabis-oil-cure-cancer- constance-finley/

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When Rick Simpson claims cannabis oil cures "everything" including cancer and rants against all governments and the medical system as "evil" and guilty of genocide, he looses all credibility.
Check the credentials of anyone marketing their "cures" on the Internet. I am embarrassed that his rants originate in Canada.

http://www.rationalskepticism.org/pseudoscience/rick-simpson-hemp-oil-cance r-cure-t39410.html

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I have a friend whose father experienced dramatic improvement with prostate cancer using this method.

Two weeks ago I spoke with a doctor in Israel who is using Rick Simpson's work -- modified to make the process of making the oil less toxic -- with great responses.

I can't speak about it from my own experience, just to tell you that it is definitely not a scam. There is lots and lots of research about cannabis' medicinal properties, including anti-tumor -- it's a hot topic in some circles, including completely credible "western medicine" researchers and doctors.

I really hoped to explore this myself at some point. I even tried the oil for a while, but I hate feeling the cannabis high and couldn't tolerate increasing the dose as prescribed. It turns out the product I used had been made from THC-rich cannabis. The trick is to make it from CBD-rich cannabis that has just tiny amount of THC. CBD has none of the "high" properties! It's completely and totally just medicinal. And for some people -- it works. I may still try it again if current efforts fail.

If you do try it -- or if someone has -- I'd love to hear how it goes! Though I know from experience not to base decisions on how things go for one, two, even 10 people. Each of us responds differently.

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This topic had been brought to the board many times. Some of our sisters have used the medicinal pill form by RX only. I did see a tv show a few months ago about illegal pot growers who were growing the variety with little THC for medicinal purposes. There won't ever be true trials on this because the federal government won't allow it , because in their eyes it's illegal. Look at all the other plant based pain meds on the market that are legal, fentynal, morphine, etc. I think aspirin is too.

I have never smoked pot nor would I but if I couldn't eat or had no appetite I might have a brownie or two. I find it very interesting that people in certain states are changing their state laws and allowing it.


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Interesting stuff ,I think anyone would be a fool to set aside recognised cancer treatment regime and base all their hopes on cannabis. but some cancers are chemo resistant and its surely better to have something to try than nothing. I find it very stange that this subject is not more in the media than it is

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I have never heard that cannabis "cures" any cancer but that it effectively treats nausea and abdominal pain. Several members of this board who are from states where it is legal (or available by prescription) report that growers can create hybrids that have less "high" and more antiemetic and analgesic effect. I'm hoping that acupuncture will effectively treat these side effects for me, without having to rely as much on constipating prescriptions.

State legislatures have a deep issue with cannabis. Voters. Of course, most of them have not been through the nausea and pain that we have been through. As we all know, bowel issues are serious for us. They can kill us. Chemo does it's own damage, but part of the problem is pain meds, anesthesia, antiemetics. If I could go through this with brownies instead of pills, I would. But I would rather have it's potency and content guaranteed rather than purchasing on a street corner or on the internet. I'm putting my chips on acupuncture this round.


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Hi My partner has had 7 rounds on Chemo. she does not seen to suffer from these issues. She had a couple of bad days , but her supplied meds seem to contol the side effects.

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I was discreetly provided with marijuana "butter" when I was going through chemo and suffering from abdominal pain. It sounds similar to the oil, only it was frozen. Worst tasting stuff I've ever had, but it got me through some trying days. I refused to bring painkillers home because.they made me crazy, literally. The butter relieved pain and nausea and helped me to rest. It wasn't the kind of high I remember from when I was a wild child. Don't know if it helped to fight the cancer, but I'll use it again, if I can get it, if I ever have to do chemo again.

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A complete cure is being claimed of the oil in question, It makes it particularly frustration as A its illegal and B there are variations of the type of oil and C its quite complicated if not dangerous to prepare! a friend of mine is totally convinced by the oil, it was him that prompted me to investigate

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There are ways to prepare the oil that are not dangerous. I will not point you to a method, but it does not have to be created using flammable ingredients.

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There exist any many research articles on cannabis, cannabinoids and cancer. These citations are not representative of the research. Only super easy to find.

There are many cannabinoids in cannabis plants, not just THC and CBD.
Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants US Patent 6630507.
This patent is owned by The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services.

More info from the U.S. government including Laboratory/Animal/Preclinical Studies and Antitumor Effects
http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/cannabis/healthprofessional/page 4

A newly issued patent for GW Pharma, a German company that creates products based on THC and CBD
Phytocannabinoids in the treatment of cancer US 20130059018

Humans have cannabinoid receptors throughout our bodies. And there are at least two known endogenous cannabinoids, and further under research consideration.

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Oops. I meant to say it differently. The oil can be made in a safe way even while using ingredients that may be flammable. The open containers with evaporation of volatile materials certainly looks dangerous. A closed system such as distiller would not have the same hazard profile.

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Thank you remember-to-breathe

Although the study is based on a very small population and only with CBD, the patent is still very interesting. I am intrigued, want to learn more.

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I just wanted to bump this thread.

My mother has been on a CBD-Rich (50% CBD, 25% THC-lab tested, from a dispensary that only takes cancer and HIV/AIDS patients) oil for two weeks (currently off it as she is in the hospital for unknown stomach problems).

She takes it for anxiety and to help her sleep better (it does reduce her pain significantly). We see the CBD's potential to induce apoptosis in tumors as an added potential bonus. She has seen a decrease in size in her existing tumors, but also has new "pretumors."

Overall, it has done it's job for my mother, but there are some significant drawbacks to it.
1. It tastes absolutely horrible. It's recommended to take a drop of it directly, but it is so bad, my mom has to put it on a hard candy. We are considering putting it in capsules.
2. It can really knock you off your behind. My mother has built a tolerance to it, but I licked some off finger and got uncomfortably high (and I am a recreational marijuana user).
3. No studies on human subjects
4. It's extremely difficult to obtain if you do not live in a "green" state with a disease oriented dispensary. Most (all but two) of the dispensaries in my large, Northern California city did not carry the oil or tried to push a product that contained mostly THC.

If anyone has any questions about the oil, feel free to message me. I understand it's not for everyone and should not be a replacement for any therapy by your onc. My mom is a special case where she hates pain meds and can tolerate the oil very well (she grew up in the 60's, go figure haha).


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