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Hi, I was diagnosed with a low malignant potential tumor on 8-15-08 of this year. I had my ovary removed along with my tube during a laparotomy procedure. It was ruptured. It has been almost 4 months now and I still have a pinching pain near my rib cage. I am wondering if it is from nerve or scar tissue from the surgery. It feels like surface pain. I had my CT scan and labs on 11-13 and all was good. Has anyone had this kind of pain after surgery. Thanks, michelle

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I have not had this. Have you talked about this to your doctor? He/she could give you a shot of cortisone to alleviate the pain. You might ask them.

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Hi Michelle ! I had the pinching pain that you are referring to post surgery. I have had 4 abdominal surgeries for the stage 3c Ovca. I had scar tissue and adhesions that were pulling on the inside.

I also had a burning sensation with the pinching which my surgeon said is Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory disease due to multiple surgeries on the Left abdomen.

Everyone is different so I don't know if this is helpful. I thought maybe my tumor was shrinking when I was feeling the pinching and pulling feeling but that wasn't the case. When I had surgery in February I had matted bowel near my umbilicus and a repair of that. The CT scan showed a mass which ended up being matted bowel not a tumor. Go figure.

Good luck and maybe you should mention it to your Oncologist or surgeon just to be safe. If you had a catscan and it didn't show anything , it probably isn't anything to worry about. Ask some is better to be safe than sorry. annejulia

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I had chronic pulling, burning pain as well after surgery. Turned out to be nerve damage. I went to the pain center for about 6 visits to get it to a liveable level. Since then my body/brain has accepted this level of pain as my "new norm" and I hardly notice it anymore.
Check with your phys to be sure- it could be anything- isnt it something how the disease and treatment effects us all differently?

Good luck!

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I had pain under my right ribs for 8 or 9 months after chemo. We did CT scans, tested for gall bladder, etc.

Then one day all my new, wonderfully comfortable, especially fitted bras were dirty at the same time, so I pulled an old one from the drawer--no more pain! I've been wearing the old ones ever since.

Do check it out, but I hope your story turns out to be one like mine!


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Well, it's not the bras, but I'm hoping it is just scar tissue.

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I also had a pinching pain, mine was to the right of my scar in the lower abdomen area. CT scan after CT scan and nothing showed up. We thought it was an infection. I finally talked my dr into doing another surgery, and he found that my intestines were fused to the mesh he put in to stop scar tissue and that was fused to the wall of my abdomen. He took care of that and no more pain. I had this pain since may. But they did find more cancer cells (microscopic) hidden in my scar tissue. So small that the PET scan did not find them. So I am starting treatment again on this Thursday. 6 more months. yuck
Good Luck

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So sorry to hear, but better that they found them early, I'm sure.

Do you know what drug/s you will be on?

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good morning,
I start topotecan tomorrow. Have you ever had this drug? I am wondering what type of side effects to expect.

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Hello! I had my Gallbladder out years ago the old fashion way, cut across my stomach. I also had my kidney repaired which I was cut across my entire right side near the waist. Now 4 years later, I get this pinching pain that seems to be all in this entire area. Although the pain is not intense it sure is annoying. I get it right under my right side all the way down into my hip and it runs down into my groin. Not all at once but the pinching goes on in one of these areas everyday. I wondered if it was a entrapped nerve or something from all the scar tissue. But then my mind races and I think its something worse..

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Hi All,

Michaelllovejoy, I would have that checked out by a doctor just to make sure.
I had that type of pinching/burning/pulling over where my right ovary was (had
total hysterectomy Dec 2007). My oncologist said is is likely caused by scar tissue,
however, the body still believes my organs are still there (ghost feeling) and so my
mind interprets what it believes is there, but isn’t anymore.

Michaelllovejoy, did you have a total hysterectomy or did they leave an ovary even though they took the other one due to, I assume, ovarian cancer?

Michaelllovejoy – on a different topic, this is NOT in relation to your pinching….

“On an totally unrelated topic”. Before any of you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer, did any of you experience a very painful pinch (ripping feeling) over one of your ovaries that quickly disapated and then you may have been diagnosed a couple of months later with ovarian cancer? I had this severe painful pinch and thought I had pulled a muscle as I was doing some stretching at the time; and so did two other woman I know who were diagnosed a couple of months later (like I was after this pinch) with ovarian cancer.

I am interested to see if anyone else had this strange happening before their ovarian cancer.


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How do you know or how do they tell if you have ovarian cancer? I get all kinds of pain all over the place. And every so often, it does pinch over near my ovaries.. I mean I get so many aches and pains.. Just was wondering and of course worried.

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My wife was BRCA positive had a prophylactic double mastectomy as a preventative measure. She was waiting on the preventative hysterectomy until we were certain we were done having children. However, while on vacation she started have a sharp pain in her right ovary and decided to go ahead with the prophylactic hysterectomy. After the surgery, they discovered epithelial ovarian cancer cells exactly where she was having the pain. Soon after chemo she had a similar pain and they determined it to be scar tissue. But now, two years after diagnosis, she has been having a sharp pain in back. Originally thought it was gall bladder attacks. A HIDA scan determined the gall bladder was fine, but she was diagnosed with Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. It is very rare and we're not 100% convinced of it because her CA 125 is also rising.

Don't let anyone tell you there is nothing to your pain. Keep searching until you find answers!!!!

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