Partial Bowel Obstruction

My wife has been diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer and has been in treatment since May of this year. Initial surgery has been followed by chemotherapy (six three-week cycles: IP cisplatin, IP and IV taxol). We just returned from a five day hospitalization neccesitated by bowel obstruction, including four days with an NG tube. Now on low fibre diet - I am encouraging her to stick to liquids as much as possible.
And no bowel movement so far. So we are concerned. Due to resume chemo tomorrow (first week of cycle 3) if the doctor approves.
Not sure what I am looking for. Maybe ideas on how she can keep getting nutrition without finding herself back in the ER with a critical bowel obstruction.
Thanks for reading.

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I have had partial bowel obstructions and was in ER several times. At this point, when I feel the "bloat" I go on clear liquids for a day or two. I have been on a low fibre diet for almost a year now and it has kept things under control. It is such a bummer having to be so diligent, but it's kept me happy. I do miss my favorites like beans and green leafies and whole wheat products, but I'm making due. I wish you the best... I know the ER is such an aweful place to be.

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I've gotten these. They are awful. Some docs say it happens at random and you can't prevent. No doc can tell me why it would happen. Apparently anyone who has abdominal surgery is at risk for this due to scar tissue or adhesions. I have read on my own that chemo can even cause small bowel damage leading to obstructions but no doc will agree with me on this...

My best advice is try to figure out what may have set it off. Some women claim raw veggies. I never have a problem with raw veggies and eat them all the time. My attacks were set off by an overly large serving of broccoli, another time chickpeas, another time cabbage, hmmm notice a pattern with mine? They are gas producing foods. But that is just me. After doing the fluids best, try to introduce soft foods that are easy to digest at first, jello, plain broth, add some rice or bananas.

Sounds like you have the plan for how to treat when it happens so I'll just say good luck!

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I am a 25 year survivor of stage IIIc ovarian cancer. I have been hospitalized 4 times for partial bowel obstructions, twice with an NG tube. My obstructions were due to adhesions, scar tissue from 2 big surgeries and 6 months of IP Cisplatinum. They were not caused by disease.

I stay away from raw vegetables even though my gyn/onc does not think that brings on an obstruction. I would say to just eat things that are easy to digest.

I have not had an obstruction for 4 years. I have not needed chemo for over 18 years.
You might want to phone your wife's nurse for advise on what to do.
Hope things get back to normal soon.

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My doctor gave me this link for information on dealing with partial bowel obstruction. /55937/LowFibreFoodChoicesPartialBowelObstruction.pdf

I do okay on liquids and low fiber -- need to drink protein shakes or something like that to make sure you get enough protein. Good luck to her!

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Many thanks for the feedback. It provides much-needed perspective, and even some hope.

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For sure, for the nutrients, Ensure! Unless there's some fiber in there that
could hurt but I don't know....lot's of help, aren't I?
Hoping this resolves!
You sound like a good husband- Tell her to keep you!

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