Pain in my side, near my ribs. Has anyone had this?

Hello all,

For the last 6 weeks or so I have had a on going pain in my side between my back and my front, near the bottom of my rib cage.

I thought at the beginning that it may be my liver but I just had scans back and the liver is clear. My disease is currently sitting in my peritoneum with a few nodules hanging around. Nothing of significance near the side. I have looked on the net and nothing much there either. It is bad enough that I cannot sleep on my left side.

I am having a bone scan tomorrow but I thought maybe someone may of had the same thing??



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I had pain on my right side about 3 inches from the center of my chest under my ribs. The oncologist's nurse practitioner thought it was scar tissue. My regular physician's assistant and I both thought it was my gall bladder after the CT scans were clear. I had all the lovely gall bladder tests, but it turned out to be a new expensive line of bras I'd treated myself with after chemo.

I stopped wearing the bras; the pain vanished. I hope your pain is something simple but weird like this!


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I had a similar pain, but it was due to a tumor on the outside of my liver, confirmed by a scan.

Did you injure yourself in any way and maybe not realize it at the time? I did that once when my side hit a cement wall as I was trying to catch my balance while trying to kill a bug! I didn't realize it then, but I wound up with pain around my ribs on one side for several weeks.

Good luck with the test tomorrow. I hope it is something equally as silly.

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I have low intensity pains under my rib cage and also in the liver area. All of them are from scar tissue where disease was removed. The pains have come and gone and come back again repeatedly. These pains keep you guessing because we are supposed to be alert to pains that might signal that the cancer is returning. It's good that you are having it checked but I hope it is nothing.

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I have similar pains, mostly due to scar tissue, but they have gotten more intense with recurrences. If your markers are good and scans are negative, don't worry. If it changes in any way, keep an eye on it.

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I had the pain on my right side a few months prior to finding I had OVCA. I told the doctor, but no one saw anything on the CT Scan. They did find a small benign tumor on my right kidney and I read that the pain in your ribs may be from that. I put Flexall on it at night and then have to have a pillow on top and another at my stomach for the 1st pillow to rest on. I have no problem on my left side or during the day. Only when I lie down. Look up kidney tumor and symptoms. None of the doctors act like it is a big deal, but it is so uncomfortable.

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I had pain in my ribs, both front and back. Hot packs relieved it some. At the same time, I was having trouble with taking in food to my stomach - I could eat only small amounts.
Also, I knew I had ascites build-up.
So, my doctor allowed one liter to be drained at the hospital - I know I had several remaining. But, immediately, both my rib pain and my stomach problem went away! At that same time, I began Avastin, which took down most of the rest of the ascites fluid by the second or third treatment and kept it down.

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I had pain on my left midsection from side to back and some in the mid back. They never discovered a cause and it comes and goes. As long as it is not cancer I can live with it. I hope you get some answers.

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I have the same type of pain on my right side. After thoracentisis for pleural effusion, it lessened greatly. Unfortunately, my fluid had returned because the chemo I'm on now is not working. If the pain causes difficulty inhaling deeply, this could be a consideration for you.

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I began having that pain and it got progressively worst with time after I went into remission and had hernia repair (x2) of the abdomen with mesh. I thought this was from the mesh and something I had to live with. I just took Aleve Tylenol and other over the counter stuff. I also had pain in a couple of other specific sponts. The gyn/Onc did not seem concerned. I just lived with it.
Then reoccurence and these spots are pretty much where the new bigger tumors are.

Now with the chemo, the pain is different, but worse (probably from the Toxal/Carbo/Avastin).

Another one of our things to live with, but we live!!

Good luck all We will continue.

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You are telling my story. About 2 weeks post-surgery, I started feeling pain in my right side along the ribs. I thought it my be related to my bra squeezing, so I only wear one when I have to. I called the physicians assitant and she offered to have me go to the ED, which I refused. Warm packs help. So does hydrocodone, but then I can't drive. I go to the doc tomorrow and will search for answers!!!

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Hello All,

I too have had some discomfort at the base of my ribs and was told it was Costochondritis, an inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join with the cartilage that holds them to the breastbone or sternum. It flairs intermittently.

However, I have now been troubled with pain in pelvic bones (with movement, not just touching them) pubic bone, groin, leg and knee pain. I ended up in the ER unable to ambulate and in excruciating pain. They would not do an MRI, but did do an x-ray and a CT without contrast and found nothing unusual. I do have lumbar herniation, degenerative disk disease, but this seems to be somewhat different and right knee area is still numb, tingling, yet painful.

I saw the gynecologist in March and checked out fine. Then saw the oncologist in June and same there, with CA -125 at 5.5, but not a good marker for me. Mine was 20 at surgery.

I saw a massage therapist last week who is training in Structural Energetic Therapy and when she worked on the abdomen, it was very painful. She said she can tell that I have a lot of adhesions. It is not a relaxation massage!

It is limiting my mobility and is even hard pulling up clothes as I cannot bend the right leg and pull it up as easily as the left. Anyone experience pain in these areas mentioned?


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Thanks for all your replies! It has helped a lot. Made me feel less like I was going mad. I was always the one who dismissed all the aches and pains and it is hard not to be like that now.

However, the mystery has been solved. It looks like I have a blocked kidney. No wonder it has hurt so much. I will be having an ultrasound tomorrow to get more info.

Still having chemo tomorrow though.

Will this mean I will have more full on side effects?

One question answered, more appear!

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