New Blood Test Now Available - HE4

Hi ladies....FYI...

The Fujirebio Diagnostics HE4 test has been cleared by the US FDA for use as an aid in monitoring recurrence or progressive disease in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer. The test can currently be ordered exclusively through Quest Diagnostics.

This is the same company that makes the CA125. I will be sure to ask my doc about it on my next visit...have any of you had this done yet?

Here's some additional information. matOnc/Ovary/TS_HE4_Ovarian_Cancer_Monitoring.htm

We're getting closer every day!!!

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Amen. Thanks for this info. I'll pass it on. Judy

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Me too, I am going to see my Doctor Monday Nov.17,08.
Then for lunch with my friend ,who also has ovc. Will be sharing with her. I love this site!!!Thanks again for the info.

Angel Hugs,

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Thanks for the great info!


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Thanks for the information.

Now I have a question. I hate to be ignorant but I've never figured out whether I had epithelial cancer. I had clear cell with mixed--darn the chemo fog--my tumor was a mixture of clear cell and other types of cancer cell. The primary cause was listed as clear-cell carcinoma.

I'll ask my oncologist in three weeks, but in the meantime, does the HE4 seem to apply to me or not?

If anyone can help, I won't consider this medical advice!

Thanks, y'all!

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I asked my doctor in October. She said it is not ready for us in the USA yet.

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Thanks for the information. I will pass it on.

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My dr. has me set up for that test with my next set of blood work. I think this is great

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The test has been approved to monitor recurrence. (zircons, if you need more information on the test to take to your doctor, I'm happy to help) Fujirebio has a separate web page on the HE4 at, but this is probably all you need to show your doctor:

It has not yet been approved for early diagnosis - the application for "early detection" is actually one of risk stratification, where a woman would know if her pelvic mass is high risk for ovca or low risk.

It has been approved for both uses in the EU, I believe.

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Thanks for all the info. This is my first time on the site. I have stage IV ovarian cancer which was diagnosed one year ago and today my CT scan show no cancer but my CA 125 has never been below 52 which it is now. I am interested in the HE4 because they say the CA 125 blood test is not a good marker for me. Miracles happen every day and I think we can all take hope in that. Each day is a blessing. Nice meeting new friends. Merridy

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i just wanted to know what type of chemo or other treatments did you do?
since clear cell is usually chemo resistant.



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