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There are threads about hyperthermia in Germany and some talk about Cooley's Toxins. In case anyone is unfamiliar with Issels, I just found they use hyperthermia, Cooley's toxins, dendritic vaccines and other immunotherapy. They have in-patient in Tijuana and out-patient in Santa Barbara. Much cheaper than going to Germany. Website says ins pays for some of it. I hope to save the $ to go there at some point.

•Oncology Center Punta Pacifica, Panama City, Panama, situated in a modern full-service JCI-accredited* hospital that meets all US and international accreditation standards and is recognized by all major US and many international insurance providers. The Issels Immunotherapy Protocol is administered under the direction of the leading oncologist, Dr. Roberto Ivan Lopez, Head of the Punta Pacifica Cancer Center and Head of the Medical Oncology Department, National Oncology Institute, Panama City, Republic of Panama. [*JCI is the Joint Commission International, a non-profit healthcare accreditation for hospitals outside of the USA.]

Dr. Lopez collaborates with immunohematologist Dr. Alejandra Calderon. She has extensive experience in Cell Separation and Vaccine Culturing, Preparation of Lymphokine Activated Killer Cells, Conventional, and Integrative/Complementary Cancer Medicine. Dr. Calderon is the Author and Principal Investigator of the procedure that has been approved by the Mexican Federal Health Authorities in Mexico City and is available at Punta Pacifica Oncology Center: “Lymphokine Activated Killer Cells with Low-Dose Interleukin-2 in Patients with Solid Tumors”.

•Issels Immunotherapy Center, Tijuana, Mexico, situated in the most modern hospital of the largest private hospital chain of 22 hospitals in Mexico, which meets all US and international accreditation standards. The hospital's pending JCI Accreditation demonstrates the hospital’s compliance with the highest standards in patient care and safety according to International Patient Safety Goal requirements. JCI Accreditation facilitates reimbursement of treatment costs.

The doctors of the Issels Immunotherapy program under the direction of the immunohematologist, Dr. Alejandra Calderon, have many years of experience in integrative/complementary cancer medicine. The hospital features the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic services and many additional amenities including a pharmacy, an inviting restaurant and community areas, spacious private rooms, 16 suites, 4 master suites and more. To view pictures, please click here. The hospital is located in an upscale commercial area of Tijuana just across the border from San Diego, California.

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Thanks. Didn't know about Santa Barbara. Wonder why that one is outpatient only? Do they do hyperthermia there?

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Thanks Michele. Good information. I too am wondering about treatment at Santa Barbara.

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Yes. I just spoke to someone who said the only thing they don't do in SB is vaccines. If you want to outpatient as much as possible you can go to Tijuana for 5 days for vaccines and get the rest to take with you or be administered in SB. She said most ins pays 40-80%!

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