Granuloma Annulare & Ovarian Cancer

I am looking for other survivors who experienced the skin disorder 'granuloma annulare' prior to being diagnosed with oc/primary peritoneal cancer. I had this condition - raised bumps on my abdomen, sides and the undersides of my arms. It was never itchy, but would get red if I was overheated or in the sun. The dermatologist said there were no particular treatments (other than steriods) that were sure to cure it, and that it was more of a nuisance than a concern. It strangly disappeared about one year later, and I was shortly thereafter diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer. There was no occurance during my treatment, but just recently the rash has re-occurred....possible precursor to having the cancer back? I've been in remission for about 6 months now, CA125 is below 10, scans are clear, but wondering if the two are linked. Anyone else have a similar story?

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I used to have granuloma annulare for years. I'm on this forum not because I have ovca but because my mother does. My granuloma annulare disappeared after I was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic neutropenia (a chronically low white blood cell count of unknown origin). I'm in a registry where I get neupogen for free to boost my WBC count. After my WBC count got to normal levels, the granuloma annulare went away and hasn't returned. So you may want to get a CBC blood test to see what your white count is at.

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Thanks, Josie. I don't have a low wbc, that I know of, but next blood test, I'll be sure to ask. Every little tidbit of information is useful.

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