Genetic test called BART

Hello all,

Just wondering if any of you have heard of or had the genetic test called BART. I've heard that it has been recently developed and that it is a more thorough test than the BRCA 1 and 2 test that many of us have had. I tested negative for the BRCA 1 and 2 gene mutation in 2007.

I have two sisters and we are wondering about their risk for getting ovarian cancer since I have been diagnosed with OC. They are considering having their ovaries taken out but want to have as much information as possible to help them make a decision.
Thats why I am looking into the BART genetic test.

Also I'm curious about what some of you have done in terms of genetic testing to protect or inform other family members........sisters, daughters etc. What have you heard in terms of statistics...........if you do or do not have the gene mutation how does that effect sisters and other family members? Looking forward to any comments, thank you.


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I had BRCA and BRAT tests run after my surgery in 2009. I was 39 at diagnosis and my mom has ovca. They came back negative. I have a lot of female cousins and I know they all breathed a big sigh of relief. I don't believe that let's me off the hook for having a genetic mutation for one second though. There is a margin of error with those tests like most. BRCA and Lynch syndrome are the only genetic tests they know of to test so they get a lot of attention. There are more genes out there, ovca only genes for sure. I sure wish they would find some of them. I have young boys who could pass something along and and a niece and nephew that my mom is just panicking over.

My understanding on BART is that it's more in-depth but only picks up an additional tiny percentage of mutations. Is there a history of young women with breast cancer in your family? That is usually the big indicator.

Best wishes to you and your family. I hope they are not pushing you about any of this. I know I felt a huge obligation to try and figure out the "why" . . .

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My sister was dx at 40 with Breast Cancer in 2006. She had BRCA test October 2007 and the results were negative. I was dx w/ IIIB Ovarian Cancer in August 2009. My doctor asked to see the results of my sisters tests. My sister then went back to her genetic counselor and had the BART test. The results were positive for BART. (Subsequently, my father and I tested positive and phone calls and letters were sent to all our relatives with this information)

May I suggest that you and your sisters sit down and talk with a competent genetic counselor (the BART has been available since 2006). Even if you test negative for BART, current research is hinting at new genetic mutations that may be responsible for Ovarian Cancer.

Here's a website that my be of some help in learning more about hereditary ovarian cancer

All the Best to you & your sisters! Kathleen

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Good info from your sisters above!

I had the BRCA tests and was negative and then had BART run as well (also negative). I think BART should be made a part of the regular BRCA tests... it was obvious to me it was a moneymaker for the company as they charged extra but based on immediate turnaround had obviously already run the test when they did the BRCA portion. They have the market cornered and are the only ones who can conduct these tests.

there is a 10 percent false negative on these tests overall, which is pretty hefty. And as Kathleen notes many more genetic potentials for OVCA that have just not surfaced yet.


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