Cortisol Manager

Has anyone used Cortisol Manager for sleep disturbance (difficulty staying asleep)? What dosage in mg?
What about Melatonin? What dosage in mg?

Has anyone taken these with Tamoxifen? Any interactions?

Thanks very much.


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I haven't taken the cortisol manager. I have taken Melatonin about 20 mg for two years. In the book How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine they cite some studies about melatonin and recommend 20-40 mg., so I picked the more conservative number. Studies show it helps, not only with sleep but with OVCA.

I am curious about how the Cortisol manager works, since I have trouble sleeping more than 4-6 hours at a time.

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Hmmm, I looked it up and it looks interesting. But they say there's no sugar in it, when dextrose is the first ingredient they list. It also has soy lecithin, and most soy now is I'd be cautious about it, if I were you.

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Sorry, I'm obsessing. I noticed it appears to be a special form of L-theanine. Perhaps you could talk to your doc about taking the pure L-theanine instead of the blend with all those additives. It is known to help quiet the nervous system.

You'll probably get more responses if you change your discussion to "members" instead of the public.

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I take 20mg of great.

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I guess you are talking about Cortisol Manager from Integrated Therapeutics? I am using this supplement for my doggy with Cushing's. We use it to try to lower her cortisol levels, but that is a different story.

This supplement has many ingredients, some addressing stress and some addressing cortisol levels. I don't think that theanine alone would do the same. And as Argyl mentioned it has dextrose and soy lecithin - which I am not concerned about for my dog, but would be a concern if I had OVCA. The amounts are probably minimal, but it is always about the accumulation and long-term effects and better err on side of caution.

Are your cortisol levels elevated? I have read that Tamoxifen can raise those levels. Anyway I would talk to a healthcare professional before using this particular supplement.

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20 mg. melatonin. Love it. Great dreams, too. Some suggest it also works as a tumor suppressor....

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I just want to thank you to those who replied to me about Cortisol Manager and melatonin. I think I will not do the Cortisol Manager (Integrated Therapeutics) at this time due to dextrose fillers in it. I think I'll look for an equivalent in my health food store.
Best, Lovelyreet

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