Cancer History - Does it Run in Families?

I have a long list of people who have had cancer in my family. What about you?

Maternal Grandfather: Lung to brain tumor

Paternal Great Grandmother: Suspected cancer in abdomen

Maternal Aunt: Ovarian Cancer

Maternal Cousin: Breast Cancer

Maternal Aunt Brain Tumor

Maternal Cousin Kevin: Spinal Cancer

Maternal second cousin: Unknown Cancer

Mother: Rare Form of Soft Tissue Cancer

Mother's Cousin: Unknown cancer in back


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I do

Paternal grandmother: "Gastric" cancer (she died at 56 in 1928, and I suspect it was OVCA)

Paternal grandfather: Bowel cancer (he died in 1938)

Paternal aunt: Breast (she'd had a hysterectomy, unknown to her family until after her death at 83)

Paternal cousin: Daughter of above, died of colon cancer in her 40's

Paternal 2nd cousin: Niece of above, breast cancer

Brother: Prostate, Melanoma, and Pancreatic

Self: Uterine and Ovarian

My brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past December. He was never a smoker, and because of his prostate cancer and melanoma and my ovarian, his doctor has suggested he may carry a BRCA gene. Because I don't have children, I have not seen the need for genetic testing. Our paternal grandparents immigrated from eastern Europe (eastern Slovakia), and I know that's one of the things that is considered as a factor in genetic mutation.

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Paternal aunt: bone cancer

Father: prostrate and bladder cancer

Sister: breast

Brother: kidney

Another brother: multiple myeloma

I have relatives that died before I was born and I am not sure what their conditions were.

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In the 1950's my grandmother had what appeared to be peritoneal cancer. She had 11 children. Of those 11 children, my father being one of them 9 had cancer. My father's 2 children, my sister & I both have/had cancer and now her son (1 of 3) has cancer.
That is 4 generations.

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maternal grandma: Leukemia (blood)
maternal aunt: Breast
maternal uncle: Prostate
paternal uncle: Bone
paternal aunt: Breast

I am the only one diagnosed with Cancer in my generation...all my cousins are far...

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Wow, That's amazing. I am so sorry.

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Brother oesphegous (Spelling)
brother bowel
cousin bowel

I have 2 other brothers and 2 sisters all clear. No-one else in our family has/had cancer - I have/had PPC.

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mother-melanoma, head and neck cancer also
maternal aunt #1-breast and uterine
maternal auint #2-breast and colon
maternal uncle #1-lung
maternal uncle #2-leukemia
maternal cousin #1 breast and lung
maternal cousin #2-vulva
maternal cousin #3-breast
matermal cousin #4-lung

paternal uncle-prostate
paternal cousin #1-prostate
paternal cousin #2-breast
paternal cousin #3-lung

There are others but I am not sure what kind they had, I am going to start digging and find out.

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Nonone has cancer in my known family on either side. Oh well!

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Definitely in my family:
Father: Prostate
Brother: Prostate
Paternal Uncle# 1: Liver
Paternal Uncle#2: Lung
Paternal Uncle#3: Throat
Paternal Uncle #4: Kidney
I also have 6 other siblings with no cancer.
My maternal grandmother died in the late 1940's, maybe Ovarian...doc just told the family it was thru out her abdomen.

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No cancer at all in my family; and I turned out to also have the BRCA1 mutation. Go figure.

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Paternal Grandparents- none
Maternal Grandparents- none
Father- esophogial passed away in 2009
Mother- now stage 3C ovca

none in the history of my family except both my mom and dad and within 2 years of each other after being married 45 years. You never know. I am actually adopted so would have no idea about me personally.

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Well when I was dx in July 2010 I was so confused because there was no one in my family with a history of cancer. Then I found out through my family that my maternal grandmother had ovarian cancer before I was born. My family was horrible about talking about female issues so no one ever told me about it. I was upset that no one informed me of the family history because I would have informed my doctors and had my doctors do any test that they thought would watch for signs of the cancer. I alerted all of my cousins to my dx and that our grandmother had ovarian cancer as well and they are all taking precautions. I just can't imagine not giving them the tools to help prevent them from going through what I am.

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Maternal great grandmother, breast cancer.
Maternal grandmother, breast cancer.
Maternal cousin, breast cancer.
Myself, breast cancer,
Mother, ovarian cancer.
Father, lung cancer
Brother, tongue cancer.
Fraternal uncle, lung cancer
fraternal uncle, bowel cancer
fraternal aunt, lung cancer
Maternal grandfather, esophageal cancer
Maternal uncle, leukemia
Maternal cousin, liver

I've been tested for BRCA, I was negative.

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mom: primary peritoneal cancer (possibly ovarian but she was stage 4 when diagnosed)
mom's cousin: breast cancer
mom's cousin: prostate
mom's great aunt: breast
grandfather: leukemia
great grandfather: breast

there's a bunch of other scattered cancers and my aunt did some geneology stuff going back into the 18th century. After awhile, cause of death tends to be listed as things like "fatigue" so hard to say how many had cancers related to my own BRCA1 positive status. I was tested mainly for the benefit of my nieces who are very young now but I want my brother to make them aware of the situation when they get older.

I was expecting breast cancer and i was diligent and had regular mammograms. kinda forgot about the other end.

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Same here, on my mom's side, heavy cancer, my mother early breast cancer at age 40 (still alive thank god at age 71) her mother advanced melanoma, but still alive at age 91, bless her heart, my grandfather had prostate cancer and my great grandfather had kidney cancer I believe, and I believe his wife died of some type of cancer, not sure. I am the only one in the family (that I know of) that has ovarian cancer. That's why I got tested for BCRA gene for my daughter (negative-but what does that mean any more) My dad's side (bless his heart, literally died at age 43 due to heart problems (heart attacks, by pass surgery, ultimtately a heart transplant, but only lived alittle over a year). My sister and I use to joke that between the two of us that we would either have heart problems or one of us would get cancer, I guess I was the lucky one with the big C.

Really when you really sit back and look and listen, cancer is every where. Everytime I turn around there is someone else being diagnosed with some type of cancer, it's really pretty scary. Young, old, bad, good, religious,not, health nuts, etc. I guess I just notice and listen more, people talk because they know what I am going thru now and they share what they are going thru or one of their friends or families. It never seems to end.

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It's kind of like not really noticing how many pregnant women there are until you're pregnant.. then.. they're everywhere! Cancer is everywhere there is hardly a person that doesn't know someone that has it.
My Dad had heart complications too... Lucky me.. I ended up with cancer AND heart issues! Go figure!

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Oh Kibbie I am sorry you got the double edged sword. Soooo far the only heart issues I've had is Mitral Value Prolapse. Yeah I take notice and I do what I can to support Ovarian Cancer and the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association.

Take Care Sweetie!! Off to go get blood work and Hopefully Do my LAST Chemo today and then next week do my PET/Ct scan, which I am so nervous about.

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Good Luck!! Keep us posted on how things went! Go Get 'Em Tiger!

*does a cartwheel, lands in splits' yells 'TA DAH! GO JANE!'


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Maternal - ANYBODY- none!

Paternal - grandmother, may have had ov/cerc.
paternal - great uncle - prostate
paternal - aunt, may have had breast

Daughter is 20 YEARS OLD!!! Stage 3C... WOW!

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No blood relatives in my family had cancer..... except a great uncle who had lung cancer after heavy smoking. My grandmothers died of heart attacks and my grandfather, of old age. Other grandfather still kicking.
I had germ cell which my onc. claims is not genetically passed. (I asked in regards for my siblings and children) I am hoping he is right.

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