Borderline recurrence

I had a complete hysterectomy and partial colectomy for treatment of borderline ovarian cancer 5 + years ago and was told by my gyn/onc there was maybe a 5% chance of recurrence. The tumor on my right ovary caused ureteral obstruction and hydronephrosis. I had to have a ureteral stent for a few months and required a balloon dilation and there was even discussion of a complete reconstruction of the ureter; luckily that wasn't necessary. Now the cancer has recurred in my right lower abdomen and not sure at this point how much ureteral involvement there is. There is discussion again of different reconstruction surgeries I may need for the ureter; that's the part that scares me. I already consulted with a urologist and have a stent placement scheduled tomorrow. The fact that this is a very slow growing and non agressive cancer may be positive but at the same time the invasiveness can also cause a lot of damage to other organs. Surgery not scheduled yet to remove the tumor.

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What a New Year outlook for you! I pray it all goes good and no serious surgery is required. Keep the faith and we're hoping you get many more years of NED!


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Quite a few people here have had stents placed in their ureters. I hope they'll share their experiences with you.

I'm sorry about the recurrence!

I think we "met" yesterday in another borderline thread. I was diagnosed with borderline serous tumors, stage 2c, in 2009. I have an inoperable recurrence.

I'm a little confused -- you described your tumor as "invasive." My understanding is the key to a borderline diagnosis is the tumor is not invasive. It doesn't know how to dig into an organ and take it over. That's a good thing. But it can disrupt other organs by growing on top of them. It's been my impression, listening to the people who've had stents put in, that often the ureter gets squeezed shut by tumor tissue surrounding it . I hope the stent patients will explain it more clearly.

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If what I term as "invasive" is a misinterpretation I do apologize; however, when my borderline cancer was not only attached to all parts of my reproductive organs but was attached to my colon resulting in part of my colon being removed during my hysterectomy and in addition attached to my ureter enough to cause a major obstruction and putting me at risk for a complete reconstruction of the ureter which would involve using a piece of my intestine to make a new ureter, to me that that's a cancer that's "invasive". I'm not a medical doctor but this is my interpretation and when reading other people's experiences they're using the same terminology after having similar problems due to their borderline cancer. Go figure.

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