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Hi everyone.... 3 yrs (and counting) Ovarian Cancer survivor...surgical menapause (woot woot!!!!) :( Haven't been feeling too good. Symptoms, gastro problems, either constipated or going to the bathroom all daylong, cloudy urine but not all the time, sick to my stomach, maybe once a day and a little cramping in the pelvic area. Well made an appt to see my OBGYN. They did the urine and pap smear test and she did tell me there was blood in the urine so she was going to send it out to be cultured. Told me not to worry about it BUT of course, I am.

Has anyone had this before? I know it could be a number of things but I'm a little nervous. I've had a kidney stone 11 years ago... I hope to get the results back tomorrow or the next day. The pap won't be ready for 2 weeks.

Am I just being paranoid???

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I don't know, but I think you were smart to see the doctor. The cloudy urine makes me think a urinary tract infection, but I'm no doctor. Please be kind to yourself; worrying won't help. Are you drinking lots of fluids?

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I have had blood in my urine before they think I had a tear that l didn't notice but that's not a normal occurrence. U may want to see your gyn oncologist for the other symptoms just in case. You can't be too careful! Try to stay relaxed....easier said then done but I try not to panic til I know something is wrong. I will send you positive thoughts and prayers! Hugs!<3 Christina

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I had blood in my urine about a year+ ago, turned out to be kidney stone related. Passed two kidney stones,
but not until this year. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't the start of the OVC. Had no other symptoms at the time.

Good luck. I'm glad you are seeing your doctor. I 'll say a prayer for you. Keep us posted!


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It seems that paranoia is one of the side-effects of this disease. With our personal histories of the disease and knowing how it whispers rather than shouts, we have to pay attention to all those feelings we excused away before diagnosis. Being sensitive to our bodies' changes plays an important role in our survival. If we can just master that awareness without stressing out! Good luck with yur tests - keep us posted.

Mary Lou

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Thanks everyone.... well I was wrong and won't receive my test results till Friday.... guess I'll have to try to find my patience!!! LOL But I will let you know....


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I had blood in my urine once due to a urinary tract infection. Wishing for the best. God Bless.

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Try not to worry! It's probably just what the gals above have said. One of two ideas seems to fit. Kidney stones, that you have previously had...a little husband had a very bad time on a visit away from home and he was taken to the ER in a strange city. He was passing a kidney stone. Fine, but he went went 17 years only to have it happen again. You had one 11 years ago and maybe it's your return of the same visitor!

Or the off and on cloudy urine and blood not showing when you urinate but in a sample seen by a microscope would be a good answer for a UTI. Either one is acceptable and not something to really worry about as both can be corrected.

However, I know where your little mind is going. Don't do that...we all do but don't:)

Wishing this is resolved very soon and you can stop being scared.
Big hugs,

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Just received my results from the urine culture... it was negative to any infection..... the nurse called me today... I'm still waiting for results for the pap smear but she said give it another week or so. I see my oncologist this month on the 22nd... I'm going to see what he thinks... as of right now, I have no idea why there is blood in the urine. Even more confused then I was a week ago...... :(

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Update: Had my 3 month check up with the oncologists today. He retested my urine and still blood in the urine and also evidence of "Leukocytes"....So, he has decided to treat me with antibiotics and next week I'll go for another urine test. I'm going to assume that if my CA125 comes back in the normal range, should know by this Friday, then I'll be able to relax..... :)

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