Any vaccines for use while NOT in remission?

As you all know, yesterday is learned I've recurred for the second time in six and a half months. All of my research has indicated the trial vaccines, dendrytic or others, are used while IN remission. Do any of you know if there are vaccines given when the disease is active and not in remission.Best to all.

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go to and search ovarian cancer vaccines and you can see eligibility reqs for each.

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I spent a month at a Mexican Clinic where I received many treatments, including Whole Body Hyperthermia, low dose chemo, vit. IV's and a dendritic cell vaccine made from my blood. I am definitely not in remission, and don't know exactly what the differences are in the dendritic cell vaccines, but apparently in Mexico they are used for various stages of cancer. I have a 6 month supply of weekly injections.

After being home for 2 weeks my CA-125 has risen quite high so I will be starting Abraxane and continuing my other treatments as well. I really don't know how effective this vaccine will be, but i plan to continue for now.

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YES!!! The UPenn Vaccine trial is for a recurrence! The caveat being you need to have surgery, so that the Lab can create the vaccine using your tumor.

I had my 3rd debulking last Feb to join this trial. I just finished my 5 initial treatments and have had a significant drop in CA125. My scan in 3 weeks will tell the whole story, but the Dr is very hopeful!

Let me know if you would like more info and good luck! I'm sorry to hear of the recurrence but keep fighting!!!

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Neasy what an inspiration for all of us. What type of ovca do you have? I am wondering because of the 3 debulking surgeries you had. I have stage IIIC serous papillary that is slime with grass seed size tumors so my gyn/onc tells me he can't do surgery.

Please keep us abreast of your journey.\\Xanthic you are in inspiration too and I am so sorry you are in a recurrence! Praying for you that the good Lord will put His healing hands on you and take away the cancer. I also pray for your medical teams.


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Hello Marty,

I am in the dreaded IIIC club! I am on my 4th recurrence but more importantly my 6 year mark since diagnosis. I also have serous however my cancer has been classified as grade 1 vs the more common grade 3. Supposedly less aggressive, but a little harder to treat.

My original surgery was in Jan 2007. Next major debulking was Feb 2009. Then I had a surgery for a small chest wall recurrence in may of 2010. Lastly, my debulking in Feb 2012.

The last surgery probably only happened b/c of the trial. They aren't supposed to operate u less they would do so without considering you for trial, but I think those guidelines are blurry. My ca 125 has dropped from 175 to 26 and 29 on trial!

The Penn people have been great.

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ecojoy, can you tell me what clinic you went to and what vaccines you had? I'm interested in San Diego clinic, would be interested to know. Do you think it helped/or fueled you cancer??


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Hi Xanthic-
I am sorry to hear of your recurrence after 6 1/2 months. Sounds familiar to mine. When I learned of my 3rd recurrence (I have had OV Stage 3 for less than 2 years now) I was put on Doxil and Avastin. I too was wondering "what now, how may chemotherapy drugs are there, can I have more surgery, etc. and was very disappointed and sad about it. I have not received a remission for my cancer but I have had a good response in the fact that while I am on chemotherapy, things don't progress. When I am off (even for 2 short months), I have recurrence. I am going to be on chemo for the rest of my life and while this isn't what I wanted to hear, I am glad to be here and as long as I tolerate and respond to my chemo, I am glad to be here. 53 short years of age, two children (one about to graduate high school, the other a junior away at college) and a new husband whom I love very very much, as well as my wonderful supportive family and goofy twin sister keep me going through all of this. I pray for a remission on Doxil/Avastin but I also remain very open to other options (such as the vaccines, possible HIPEC surgery and new chemo drugs). Don't give up. Have a good cry and keep going. I pray for everyone suffering with cancer and in particular ovarian cancer, as we are all warriors going to battle together, and with numbers we will make a difference, whether it is today or in the future.

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Michele, The clinic is Integrative Whole Health Clinic in Tijuana. I don't think the vaccine fueled my cancer, because it was in an upward trend before we started them. My numbers are following a very familiar trend--and I don't feel I have a whole lot of time, so will continue with the Program supplements and vaccines, but will also do weekly Abraxene in Atlanta under my Gyno/Onc.

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ecojoy, thank you for the info.

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Neasy23, can you give me more info about this vaccine trial at U of Penn. I can't find it at clinical Are they still recruiting? Is grade 1 the same as low grade? I've had 3 recurrences and am now always on chemo, keeping the cancer stable. I want to try something new. It sounds like you are having a lot of success with this vaccine.

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Hi All,

My mom has stage iv ovarian and she did not qualify for that upenn vaccine. All the cancer institues I have spoken with say to go to If you find a vaccine that you do NOT need to be in remission, please share.

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