Announcing A Toll-Free Teleconference: Understanding Clinical Trials

Thurs., Feb 7, 8-9:30 PM (NY Time) A national toll-free teleconference about clinical trials for breast, ovarian and gynecological cancers. Topics will include: What are clinical trials? What are the phases of clinical trials? Why are clinical trials important? How is patient participation important to clinical trials? How is the patient safeguarded? What are the benefits and risks of participating in a clinical trial? What are the barriers to participation? What is it like to participate in a clinical trial and how do you find them?

Speakers: Yelena Novik, M.D. is an Assistant Professor and the Medical Director for Clinical Trials, at NYU Langone Medical Center. Dr. Novik’s medical specialties and expertise include cancer, medical oncology, breast cancer and melanoma. Gwen Harding-Peets, PhD, is an ovarian cancer survivor and a patient advocate. She has volunteered with Support Connection, SHARE, Survivors Teaching Students, and as a Peer Reviewer for the Dept. of Defense’s Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program for Ovarian Cancer.

Open to people living with breast, ovarian or gynecological cancer. To learn more or to pre-register (PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED) call Support Connection at 914-962-6402 or 800-532-4290.

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Thank you Barbara. Great event and much needed.
I will register.

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Glad it's of interest! When you call to register, please mention where you learned about it. Take care!

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Barbara, come to think of it, I will be in my first few days of post op debulking and then some.
Not sure of my condition at that time. Maybe I can visit the site at a later day and listen to the recording.

Glad you put it out there. Any knowledge about clinical trials is important, though it is not from a regulatory/political aspect in nature (see Roxanne/Robert's well done previous post). This teleconference appears to be strictly patient oriented and not addressing the behindthe scene injustices on a multi-level platform.

In any event, thank you so much for disseminating the info.


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Definitely patient oriented! That's what Support Connection is all about; free support services to those affected by breast or ovarian cancer. Check out our website to learn more:

Feel free to register in case you feel up to it; you don't have to dial in if you aren't able to. Also, we have a monthly telephone support group for women with ovarian cancer (also toll-free) if that's of interest. Info on our website.

Best of luck to you Marguerite!

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